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  1. Hello all, I've this odd problem with my Soure repeatedly stating it is adding files for sync in the History tab but in fact these files have alrady been successfully sync'd to the remote destination. When the Destination has sync'd the data first time round I see no other mention that it needs to or will sync again on that box. I mainly sync'd Japanese TV media for backup purposes so some of the files will have Japanese characters in the filename but so does alot more media that is not constantly flagged for syncing. I've checked the folder/file perms and they are the same as other data that has sync'd. Tried moving the data to another Source folder and deleting the Destination copy but after the initial sycn is till being flagged for Sync again. Additionally the data is not been changed in anyway on the Source, the file name/structure is not too long (much shorter than other sync'd data) Just to reiterate, although the Source flags the data as Added (needs to sync) no sync actually takes place as the Destination is already sync'd. Both my Source and Destination are Win 10x64 machines. Any ideas? Cheers EDIT: OK so I discovered something. My media is stored on PC1, I use a robocopy script to mirror my data to PC2 (Resilio Source). Resilio fires up and indexes the data to sync to the Destination. (as above). Resilio is changing the data on PC2 somehow that when the Robocopy script runs again the next day, robocopy detects changed data and re-mirrors the data from PC1 (which is not touched by Resilio) to PC2 (Resilio Source) which means it overwrites the data in PC2 and then Resilio reindexes it again. It like a vicous circle. I cannot understand though why this is happening with a small subset of data that is mirrored from PC1 to PC2 (Resilio Source) with robocopy that is nealy 10TB in total and then Resilio is marking/changing some data that is causing the mirror, index loop!
  2. Hello, Am looking at this howto here: https://help.resilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/207370466-Encrypted-folders I've done a test and can see my data is encrypted at the destination (both ends are Windows). What I just do not get is if I need to recover the encrypted data how doI decrypt it? I guess I decrypt on the destination server and then sync back or copy to usb for example? Can anyone guide me on this please and the ctual process to decrypt? Cheers
  3. Thanks very much for that confirmation. Cheers
  4. Hello, For many years I've being running a 1 to 1 sync. eg: Source PC: Drive E: >>>>> Destination PC1: Drive E: Source PC: Drive F: >>>>> Destination PC1: Drive F: I'd now like to bring in a 2nd Destinaton PC but it will not have the same drive setup as the source. eg: Source PC (and Desination PC1) drive E and F are 4Tb each. Total of 8Tb. The new 2nd destination PC will have a single 8tb drive to sync to. Without partitioning it, can I sync to 2 folders on PC2 (to mimic Drive E and F) while still syncing to 2 drives on PC1? Cheers
  5. Morning all, I've just tried the "Search" function https://help.resilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/205457725-How-do-I-perform-a-search-in-Sync- on my 2 instances. Sadly noether of them return any results. I've searched for folders that I know and see are on both the local and remote box. The results come back as "No folders matchting:......" Do I need to enable anything for search to work? I've nver used search before in previous versions so do nto want ot say this is down to 2.7 Thanks
  6. Hello, Been banging my head against a wall on this for a few hours now. I'm trying to start the Reslio service via a batch file that would then by run at X time via the Task Scheduler. Problem with this is that I am getting an "access denied" as the command needs to be run in an elevated cmd prompt. The basic command I am running is: net start rslsyncsvc I have set the logon account for this service as a local admin account and have set Task Scheduler to run with highest permissions etc but I do not seem to be bale to run this bat file with a simple double click or even including runas /savecred /user:............ in the batch file. Any ideas how to get this running without having to manually open an elevated cmd prompt? Thanks and cheers EDIT: I should have also stated that I can start the service fine manually from Services or right click and run as admin. The kicker is. I have a 2nd identical Win 10 box that has the same batch file an only contains: net start rslsyncsvc If I manually double click or add into Task Scheduler the service will start with no problems/questions and USC is set to the same default on box boxes
  7. Thanks, Coincidentally I did try this with moving one of the drives (destination PC) and reattaching to the original source machine.. Yes, for the most part they only did resync (quite a few hours, which I was surprised about that time) but some data did retransfer. Not sure why that occurred as beforehand resilio was happy and from what I could see all was sync'd 100%.
  8. Their blog seems up to date https://www.resilio.com/blog/ But favoring the connect software it seems
  9. I do not use this function but I think you want to check out the option Selective Sync
  10. I've never seen the IP address and that is with machines on the same lan and across the internet. But I do you a DNS address to access my remote machine in case the wan IP changes. Not sure if I did not use that I can see the remote WAN IP. I would need to know that anyhow to connect the box there.
  11. Hello all, Am using Resilio 2.6.3 Syncing data from 1 x win 7 x64 to 1 x win 7 x64 across the internet. Both Source and Destination machines have a 2TB disk for data syncing (No OS installed on these drives). Sync is set to one way. Only Source can change Destinations data. The root of both Source and Destination drives only has 1 folder called "Data" and is shared within windows with the name "SharedData" I am now wanting to upgrade to Win 10. This means moving the 2Tb Data drive to a whole new machine. I am planning on doing this for both the source and target PC. On the new Win 10 box, is it possible that I install the resilio software as normal and recover/copy the settings/config from the old win 7 box to this installation so I do not have to reysnc all again? The data drives I believe will be ok as I am not changing anything on those. I'll make sure I assign the same drive letter etc. Where would these settings/config files be? Or have I got it completely wrong? Any other "gotchas"? Thanks and cheers in advance.
  12. Hello, Am currently running v 2.5.9 x64 on Win 7 x64 and I have just noticed that when I right click on a file, the context menu then shows 5 duplicate options listed under "Open with" The option is called "Share with Resilio Sync". (not within the default "Share with" menu/option) Is this because I have upgraded from earlier versions? How can I remove 4 or all of these? Thanks
  13. I also have a large archive of files/folders (6TB). Although under windows. I do make changes to filenames, replace files with newer same named files, edit metadata etc. I've never had an issue. Although my setup is that the machine I am sync-ing to is offline when I make my changes. It then powers up in the middle of the night to sync any new data/changes etc.
  14. Thanks for the info Helen. Think I'll be using the Linked Devices section.
  15. Hello all, Can someone please help me with the query? Am using Resilio 2.5.1 Syncing data from 1 x win 7 x64 to 1 x win 7 x64 across the internet. Both Source and Destination machines have a 2TB disk for data syncing (No OS installed on these drives). Sync is set to one way. Only Source can change Destinations data. The root of both Source and Destination drives only has 1 folder called "Data" and is shared within windows with the name "SharedData" My storage will soon be approaching the max capacity on both HDs. I would like to upgrade these to 4Tb HDs but am unsure if my process will start a full sync again from Destination to Source as timestamps etc may change? My initial thoughts are: (for both Source and Destination machines) Break/delete the windows share on 2Tb drive Robocopy copy script to transfer the 2Tb drive "Data" folder to new 4Tb drive "Data" folder. Remove 2Tb drive and replace with 4Tb drive. Re-create windows share on 4TBb drive folder to name as before "SharedData" Will the above process work? Or do I need to attack this a different way? Thanks and regards Steve