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Hi Guys,

My old  MacMini is heartily entrusted to syncing data on 3 ext HDD with several TB of Data unto 2 MacBooks and an iPhone. I use this MacMini as my main device, all the data is on the external drives and I sync selectively on my other devices.

Now, as fortune has it, I bought a new MacMini and since I want to clean install, I´ll have to install Sync again.

My horror is: When I connect the data on the external drives to the new instance of sync, I fear it will not recognize the the connected devices. I´m afraid that this will result in me importing all the data into the new installation of sync on my new macMini and will have to wipe all the data from my connected devices and have to resync. Which would be a nightmare.

Is there any "Clean" way to switching between machines by transferring ownership, ID...??? something like this??

I was dreaming of something like: Setting up my new MacMini, transfer the ID/...??? from the old machine to the new, attach the EXT HDD and just run.

I looked around in the forum, but somehow didn´t get anywhere. Maybe it didn´t like my European IP??? Anyway I keep getting told "there is a problem, reconnect in 536 seconds"...and I didn´t want to hold my breath so here´s my shot at this...

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Been a while since I switched a machine.  I use windows and had internal HDs.

From memory all I had to do was export/copy the sync keys for each drive on the old machine, install resilio on the new machine, re-attach the drives, copy the original sync key for each drive/mapping in resilio, let the machine re-index (can be a very long time) the content and that was it.  Do no create new sync key on the new box.

Why you are getting the reconnect error I guess that could be your new device is not reaching out/finding your remote device.  I'd check on the router ports etc.  But you want no comms/connection to the remote device until you have done the above.

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