Win 10 - Starting Sync from Task Scheduler


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Been banging my head against a wall on this for a few hours now.

I'm trying to start the Reslio service via a batch file that would then by run at X time via the Task Scheduler.  Problem with this is that I am getting an "access denied" as the command needs to be run in an elevated cmd prompt.

The basic command I am running is: net start rslsyncsvc

I have set the logon account for this service as a local admin account and have set Task Scheduler to run with highest permissions etc but I do not seem to be bale to run this bat file with a simple double click or even including runas /savecred /user:............ in the batch file.

Any ideas how to get this running without having to manually open an elevated cmd prompt?

Thanks and cheers


I should have also stated that I can start the service fine manually from Services or right click and run as admin.

The kicker is.  I have a 2nd identical Win 10 box that has the same batch file an only contains: net start rslsyncsvc

If I manually double click or add into Task Scheduler the service will start with no problems/questions and USC is set to the same default on box boxes


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