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  1. @Ole Wissing We just started using SyncThing. There is a bit of setup to do with it, but it has been pretty solid so far. And it's free. Shoot me an email if you would like to know a bit about how we have it set up. zach(a)thepixellab.co. I'm not really the IT type to know every detail, but I can give you a high level overview of how we are using it. We gave up on Resilio because it was failing to index and sync almost 600GB of data. Resilio kept telling me it was temp files but it was 100% media that our editors were not getting synced to their machines.
  2. I'm pretty dissapointed in the level of attention to this forum by Resilio. I am actively testing other options that can do this same thing. It may not be as fast, but we are looking at using Google Drive paired with File Stream on each of the machines. Anyone else have any other suggestions?
  3. This is absurd. I'm sorry you guys are having these issues, but at the same time glad it isn't just our set up. I have no idea where to start on troubleshooting this issue or how to prevent it from happening in the future. We have an entire network of data that is actively syncing 8TB of Data on and off-site to a remote employee. It is all syncing between 10-12 machines. When it works it is great, but when this happens it is devastating and cripples our workflow for so long while we recover the data. And quite honestly, we have had situations where recovery didn't work despite our cloud backup
  4. I see there are a few various threads started for when new builds are released. Would it be possible to create a Pinned thread that only moderators post to when there is a new build released? That way we can turn on notifications for that thread and get updated when it launches. If this is already done, can someone link me to that thread, please?
  5. We have been using Sync for 3 years now and still, once every couple of months need to audit the system to make sure that files have not been randomly deleted. I frequently have designers and producers come to my office and ask if files were moved. Entire folders and the content are being deleted and we can not figure out what is causing it. We can sometimes narrow it down to the machine that caused it, but not why they are deleted. Generally, If caught early enough, I can recover the files from the Archive folder, but it requires hours of cross-referencing to make sure we have everything that
  6. We have had that issue in the past as well. Lost tons of data. We have also been having it where if one machine is offline for a while, when it comes online, the new files that it should be downloading actually delete from the other peers as if the system is telling the database that they were deleted rather than never synced. These are issues that are making us dig into other options. This software is too expensive and the files are too valuable for this type of behavior.