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  1. This would be very interesting to have. To have the ability to restore a file from peers' .sync/archive would be very excellent in unlimited ways.
  2. If you scroll down to the end of this article, this is what the business seat assignment looks like.
  3. It's like having a separate user or account for your family members. add users When you assign out a license this person has a different identity. This allows them to have folders separate from the original account. As far as I can tell, separate identities do not have default access to other identities' shared folders. This is sort of the point of having separate identities. You automatically get a list of your advanced folders and can sync them and set rules for new folders. You can then share with someone else's identity by sending them a key or link to share folders between identities. I may not have the specific technical jargon correct, but that's the gist.
  4. Whether it’s a violation of the license, someone else would have to comment. i have five people I sync with and set them up with their own license so I can sync folders with them separately. Some folders all of them have access, but read only, and a few have read and write, and one has owner access. Then they share folders with me with the read or read and write access they want me to have. if you consider your wife’s devices as a separate user, than you can control which folders go where, set your devices to sync everything or like a computer to always syncs, but then have folders remain disconnected on your wife’s devices until they’re connected manually. just some thoughts, you’ll obviously consider the advantages or disadvantages based on your desired configurations.
  5. hoochalaffa

    Dell SonicWall

    As for Resilio, is this KB article still the go-to reference? I read it as follows: unblock http://config.getsync.com/sync.conf Define a listening port for peers behind firewall Open listening port at the firewall Open Multicast UDP, port 3838 and I keep seeing a reference to a sync.conf file for ports and addresses. Do these tracker addresses and ports need to be unblocked at the firewall? As a side note, do pre-defined hosts play into this? Would this help or hinder?
  6. hoochalaffa

    Dell SonicWall

    Thanks ekim501, I'll keep looking around for the right information for the SonicWall itself.
  7. hoochalaffa

    Dell SonicWall

    Has anyone had success with Dell SonicWall and opening up the right ports for Resilio? IT Department is having trouble configuring correctly. I set a standard listening port for our devices, but our devices behind the SonicWALL are still using the relay servers. It is likely user error on our end. This may not be enough information, but I can ask for additional details if there are any expert firewall users/staff reading this. I am told we have an NSA-2600 with the December 2016 firmware.
  8. webtorrent.io is definitely along the lines of what would be freaking awesome to have with BT Sync. I guess I imagined the initial post in that thread as requiring an extra non-bt-sync server or system. Don't need an extension if you can just get files over a javascript-esque torrent client. Bottom line, sending and requesting files without the end-user installing software would be the bomb-diggidy.
  9. BT only works in terms of folders. I like the thought of someone being able to download sans any installation on their end, but how does the browser or receiving user resolve the download from multiple hosts? Extensions already exist, see chrome extensions. If one were to have "BT Sync Lite" embedded into it and all it does is process one-time download or upload requests. The extension gives you some of the capabilities of Maelstrom in that you could stream/download regular torrents but also lets the client download/upload. If there is a way to completely remove the need for an extension, then YES, let's talk about that instead. Where is THAT feature request thread?
  10. I like being challenged with ideas because if forces me to think harder. Reducing the barrier to entry and adoption cost what I am getting at. The desired process: send someone a BT link and the P2P files or folders appear in their browser's downloads folder. The reason I mention Maelstrom is because it's already a BitTorrent experiment or whatever. In Maelstrom, you just click a magnet or torrent file and the file begins streaming. Take the same idea of Maelstrom for torrent files and make it a chrome plugin. If Maelstrom handles torrent files and magnet links, why not a chrome plugin that also takes BT Sync links? When someone uses a folder link to just download the files, it removes the requirements of administrator privileges at installation, installing BT Sync, or setting preferences or learning how to use the program. If you add a second cloud platform, you remove some advantages of P2P that BT Sync brings to the table. An example: when files have to transfer between peers and to a server running OwnCloud, then download links are limited by the bandwidth of the OwnCloud server. You also have to wait until a file or folder is completely uploaded to OwnCloud before someone can begin downloading.
  11. I find myself pausing folders to allow a specific one to sync faster. To set folder/user priority would be a feature I would use for sure.
  12. hoochalaffa

    Sync acting as a web drive server

    @ivarson What about a Browser Plugin? It could make it sending files to non-BT-sync-users so much easier? I started a post here.
  13. What if there were a browser plugin that took some of the Project Maelstrom tech that was for uploading and downloading via BT Sync for computer neophyte user? I had drafted a longer post but my session timed out and I lost the information... Three basic functions of the extension: View BT Sync placeholders Download individual files to Downloads Folder Upload individual files to BT Sync Folder I have found that the effort for computer illiterate people, like some of my clients, to understand BT Sync, download, install, and use is too many steps. Also, some people may not be able to install BT Sync because they are not an administrator. If I understand correctly, browser extensions may not require admin privileges. The extension could basically be a downloads manager for BT Sync links. It would make is SUPER accessible for BT Sync users to send materials to non-users with limited effort.
  14. hoochalaffa

    Sync acting as a web drive server

    Something like this might be possible as a plugin to OwnCloud or similar file sharing applications. It's not a universal solution for all BT users, but it might be possible with some creative thinking. There is already a plugin for torrenting in OwnCloud. If a plugin for whichever platform were made, maybe it just starts out as a simple connector for uploading or downloading via urls sans downloading BT Sync.