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  1. Good Morning - I've used Resilio sync for a while now - well before it was BTSync. I own a Pro license and mostly use the service to actively sync folders between my PC and mobile devices for backup and file sharing purposes. One thing I haven't ever been able to get configured correctly was where a folder shared from my phone would only Read and not Write to my PC. Even when setting a shared folder as "Read", it still syncs files in both locations. This morning, I thought I'd try the "Backup" feature so after selecting the folder on my phone, clicked the "My Devices" option for my PC. Afterwards, it was indefinitely stuck in a "Connecting" state. I know I have connectivity to the system as folders actively sync. Below are other solutions I tried to get it to work Disconnected Backup on phone and created a new one this time sharing the link (via Join) which opened on my PC in Chrome. It showed that it was trying to connect the correct folder and stated "Just a moment while we start your request..." however nothing ever happened Tried restarting the Resilio Sync Service on my PC Ensured I was at the latest version on PC: 2.5.9 Build 1088 (Installed to run as a system service) Ensured "All" was selected when viewing connected folders on PC + tried searching for the folder in Resilio Despite sync working, thought perhaps it connects over a different port so disconnected from WiFi and enabled Mobile sync. Verified sync still worked, but still wouldn't connect Restarted phone & PC then tried all over again After all of the above, I still cannot connect the two. Any suggestions you could provide as to how to set up a folder which only reads from my phone / writes to my PC would be great. The phone is an HTC One A9 /w Android 7 and PC is Windows 10 x64. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the reply. The folders I wish to be set up this way are black with a white crown - not the pencil. However, I'm only wanting the Linux side to only send and Windows side only receive if that helps. As far as how I've added the folders, I have tried the below two methods: Method #1 Attempted Created a folder on the Linux box set to Read Only Waited to Windows Resilio Sync to show the new available folder to connect to, then choose to Connect it to a local folder. Unfortunately, files added to the Windows folder are syncing to the Linux folder Method #2 Attempted Created a folder on the Linux box set to Read Only Instead of the above, I copied it's key and manually connected to it from the Windows box. Still, as above; files added to the Windows folder are unfortunately syncing to the Linux folder Overall Goal To have two separate folders synced between a Linux (Ubuntu 12.04) Resilio Sync installation and a remote Windows (Windows 10 x64 - Sync runs as a service) Resilio Sync installation. Each Linux folder will sync files & folders to the Windows folder when they are added, but any files/folders added to the Windows folders are not synced to the Linux folders. As mentioned, both Resilio Syncs installations are up to date as of writing. Thanks!
  3. Hey Guys - I have been using BTSync Pro on a variety of devices for over a year now and recently upgraded them to Resilio Sync - I love the app! 90% of my overall traffic is sent from a system running Ubuntu to a Windows 10 system where I'm on the latest Resilio version on each and they are running as a service. My question is how can I make the Ubuntu pair of sync folders "Read Only" so that if I were to add anything in the sync folders on the Windows 10 side, they would not be uploaded? Also, can this be configured on existing connected synced folders? Since I'm using Pro, I recently disconnected one of the folders then deleted it as an option to connect to. Once done, I added the folder on the Linux side, ensured "Read Only" was selected, then once it appeared on the Windows side connected it to the matching folder. To make sure it worked, I added a test,txt file on the Windows side, but it appeared back in Linux after a minute (isn't working). Why? Do I need to connect to the folder on the Windows side using a key instead of choosing to connect from the available folder? Thanks! UPDATE After posting, I disconnected and deleted the sync again from both boxes. I added a folder on the Linux side and on the Windows side instead of connecting from the sync that appeared, I pasted in the key produced with "Read Only" selected in Linux. Once done, I tested again but it still didn't work as files I added in the Windows folder were added in the Linux folder. Argh! Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. Hello All - I've been using BTSync Pro for a few months now. I love the concept, but there's only 1 issue that keeps causing me issues: speed. From my home system (Windows 10 x64 / BTSync 2.3.6 (378) Service Mode) synchronizes with a few of my devices over LAN however 99% of the traffic going through it is from a Linux system (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS x64 / BTSync 2.3.6 (378)) over the internet. The two folders it syncs are what is running slowly on a constant basis. Most of the files being synced are larger 3+gb files. When I attempt to download the files from the same host using HTTP or FTP via the CrushFTP server I have installed on the Linux box, I get consistent speeds which reach my fastest download speed of ~3.5Mbps. When syncing between the two computers using BTSync and same files, you never know what you are going to get. It averages around 1Mbps but can range from 300kbps -> 3.0Mbps. It never wildly jumps between speeds, but will stay within 150kbps range of whatever it decideds to download at for the time. I've looked over some settings in BTSync, but nothing I've found or tried seems to help. I've verified that the used ports are open even though opened via uPNP and also added dedicated hosts to the folders being synced. I've even tried to use a service like VyperVPN which sometimes helps a lot, but shouldn't be nessesary. Perhaps Comcast / Xfinity is throttling my traffic even though they generally claim that they do not do so. Does anyone else experience this type of thing consistently when other protocols are working just fine? Any suggestions for what I may do? If potentially throttling, is there any way to mask it? Thanks!
  5. Thanks - I actually just found a way that was not only easier for me, but added a couple of additional features. I actually host a few other web services on the same PC and use an installation of Apache to provide reverse proxy for them. Don't know why I didn't think of it sooner, but adding a few lines to my httpd.conf file was all it took to get access to my BTSync WebUI console from any PC without needing a conf file. Below's some of the config used... System: Windows 10 x64 Pro BTSync 2.3.3 (296) Installed as a service / No conf file or any special settings Apache 2.4.10 for Windows already configured for Reverse Proxy over HTTPS using custom 3rd party signed SSL cert Below is the section added to end of already working httpd.conf file: <Location /gui> order allow,deny allow from all ProxyPass ProxyPassReverse </Location> In browser on any PC (even WAN since I forward 443), just go to, enter credentials, and I'm in! I would like to use something than /gui, but due to BTSync's current config, seems options are limited unless I attempt to add more config to Apache. Seems that isn't an option even using the conf file, either. Instructions for how to get Apache for Windows set up for reverse proxy (a few different ways) are out there and should be easy to find. If you hit a roadblock, let me know - Thanks!
  6. Hey Guys - I use BTSync (Pro) to synchronize many folders between multiple devies - one of which is my Nvidia Shield Tablet which runs Lollipop 5.1.1. When first moving to 5.1.1 a few months ago, I rooted it and added a 64gb SD card. I then edited "/etc/permissions/platform.xml" to add the &nbsp;"WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" string therefore providing all apps with full write to the SD card. I installed BTsync, set up my options, and linked 4-5 folders to various folders on the SD card without issue. Besides BTSync, I use FolderMount to create symlinks on my internal SD so that I may store all my large games / apps externally. Today, I renamed a folder on my PC so had to set up the pair again. The Issue When in BTSync in Android, I choose to link the folder, but could only select a folder from the internal SD - not the external one as before! When I go to select the folder, it asks if I want to use on on the Phone Storage or SD Card, but either I pick show the same thing: a screen with "Recent" as the only choice. From that screen, I can hide / unhide the internal SD, but see no reference to the external one. There are no errors, I just can't see / browse to it! I am sure this is due to a BTSync update from the past few months as I haven't changed the OS or anything else. All other applications still have full access to the external SD, too. How may I get the external SD to show as an option in this newest version of BTSync? If it makes a difference, I still have the default folder path in Advanced Options set to "/storage/sdcard1" (which I believe is the external one and sdcard0 is internal) and Simple Mode disabled yet when I try to even create a new folder from the app; I can't browse to the external SD card either. Please help - Thanks!
  7. Hey Guys - I've got a basic question to ask, please. I subscribe to BTSync Pro and recently reinstalled the OS (Windows 10 x64) on one of my PCs. When installing BTSync, I saw that I had the option to install it as a service so did so. I set the credentials and am able to access the WebUI via http://localhost:8888. When trying to access the same WebUI from other systems on my LAN (http://newpchostname:8888), it does not work. I looked all through the preferences, advanced preferences, and searched online to find out how (if possible) to enable LAN system access, but so far haven't had luck. So - is there a way to make BTSync for Windows installed as a service accessable from other LAN PCs? My current guess is that the binding would have to be changed, but am not 100% of the format it needs to be in for Windows. The PC it's installed on is pretty basic and just has a single ethernet NIC, bluletooth, and WiFI as adapters. Thanks!
  8. Hey Guys - Just a quick suggestion of a feature often used in SABnzbd. As I download from many different applications on my PC, sometimes I want to pause specific services so that others will have the full bandwidth yet don't want to wait for the downloads to finish (or have to remember) to start them again. I use NetBalancer to assign priorities to specific application's traffic which helps with some of this, but it doesn't work exactly the way you'd hope it would. SABnzbd has a great feature which allows you to pause the entire queue for a set duration of time after which it will automatically resume downloading. It would be great to have this capability as a whole of preferably per shared folder in BTSync. For example, in SABnzbd, clicking this option for the main queue provides you with the following options: 5 minutes 15 minutes 30 minutes 1 hour 3 hours 6 hours Pause for... (Where you may enter a custom minutes value) Is there any possibility of having a similar feature for BTSync? If not, it would be great to at least have some way to instruct BTSync the specific files / folders you wish to be downloaded / uploaded first. Currently, I have to move files around on the host, wait for them to sync, then remaining, lower priority files back to download - or - transfer individually via FTP which is a pain. Any chance for either of these? Thanks!
  9. Hey Guys - Well, it's time for a phone upgrade and I can't decide between Android or iPhone again. The primary reason I would want Android is because of how you can use BTSync with it. Here's what I do with my current Android phone (m7): What I Currently Do on Android (Want to do on iPhone) - Have BTSync Pro which has computer and phone linked (plus other devices) - My PC automatically downloads an MP3 radio show daily, renames it, and moves it to a folder syned with my phone - My Android phone checks for and syncs the folder (plus my Titanium backup & music folders) over the night - updating / adding the downloaded MP3s from that day - When in the car in the morning, Tasker detects when connected to car's bluetooth and starts to play the new MP3 show automatically I realize that audio files can be synced with iPhone's iOS, but seemingly I can only play them by launching the BTSync app which has pretty basic playing support. Due to Apple's closed filesystem, you cannot open a separate app and browse to / open the synced MP3 files as you can in Android. I've tried this even on Jailbroken iPhones and the file may be copied from BTSync's folder to another app's folder, but it takes a while to do and I'll need to do this daily. The only workarounds I can think of with the above situation would be a script to run in a jailbroken iphone's terminal each morning to copy the file, a BTSync feature added to sync folders other than the ones in it's app's data folder, or a feature to open the audio file in 3rd party app. My Questions 1. Is the above correct about how BTSync works in iOS or am I missing something? 2. Any suggestions for how I could do what I do on Android in iOS? (Don't care about auto playback) 3. If no, are there any future plans to implement something like this (if even possible with Apple's rules) Thanks guys!
  10. OK, thank you. I applied to receive the API but still haven't gotten a reply. Hopefully I will soon. Thanks again
  11. Hey Guys - A few months ago I went from a fairly complex FTP Server / Client configuration using scripts to synchronize things to BTSync and haven't looked back since. I currently use BTSync Pro on about 5 different platforms, but this question is about the Windows version. There is just one thing I have a question about, though. My Question Do any command line options exist for BTsync 2.2.x (Windows) which are geared towards application / sync control? I connect to my home server often which throughout the day synchronizes with a remote server. I'd love to be able to easily script something (via API or CLI) which would do one of the following: - Pause / Resume Synchronization overall or for specific folders - Set the maximum download / upload speed of the client - Be able to scan folders for files / folders with keywords and move those to top of sync queue When searching, I only found this article which shows command line options, but they are for the installer which doesn't help at all. If this capability is available now - via any method - please let me know. Otherwise, it would be an extremely powerful addition. If some exist for Linux, I'd like to know about them, too; but really need on Windows. Thanks!
  12. Hey Guys - The Issue I've been using BTSync Pro for a few months now and enjoy it. For the past few weeks, I've had an issue where sync speed between a remote Linux host and my local PC hasn't been what it should. At top speed, the sync should be running at ~2Mbps but instead it hovers around 250-300Kbps. I attributed this to my OS as I had a couple of other issues. This weekend, I went to Windows 10. Not an upgrade, but secure erased my OS SSD, installed Windows 10 x64 Ent from scratch, and reinstalled everything. All app configurations were new, too no copying over any old AppData configs. Once I installed BTSync, I added it to my existing sync devices and set up my sync pair from the Linux box. Same issue is occuring. Workaround Found I did find one thing which has resolved it somewhat. If I leave a sync running at 200-300Kbps, it stays that way - however - if I pause it, wait a few seconds, then unpause it; it syncs at full speed. Doing this only works about 20% of the time, but when it does, you know it as the speed jumps to 2Mbps in a couple of seconds. The problem is that I sync files at all hours and it's constantly on and off. Therefore, it would be impossible for me to sit and watch it then perform this fix as needed. I'm 100% confident that no other transfers are going on at the same time as I've lived with this issue for a while now and done many tests. I will say that the Linux server is overseas, but if BTSync was working correctly or it was a connection issue, I'd think I'd see the speed fluctuate during sync, but it doesn't. It either stays at 200-350Kbps or at 2Mbps - never a speed between or back and forth between the two. Is this a known issue? Would you think it be more related to the network / internet or perhaps the Linux end? Any suggestions? Please help, Support, as I'm close to just setting up ownCloud locally and using it the same way. Thanks!
  13. Hey Guys - I've been using BTSync Pro (paid license) between multiple platforms for a couple of months now and love it... until recently. A primary sync I have is between my home Windows 8.1 system and a remote (over internet) Debian installation. 95% of the data transferred between the two is the Windows 8.1 system downloading from the Debian one. For the past couple of weeks, the download speed has been at ~250kb/s - much lower than the ~2mb/s which it ran at prior to this. Being a Systems Admin for years, I have tested a variety of things which make it seem to be due to BTSync / it's configuration, itself - not the connection or OS. Here are some things I've tried: - I've restarted both systems, my router/gateway, and cable modem - I can pause the sync, download via HTTP, HTTPS, and/or FTP at the ~2mb/s speed during these times, unpause the sync, and it still downloads at ~250kb/s. - I verified that the port specified in BTSync (54531) is open on the router - Verified I'm on the newest release - 2.0.128(36) - Run various other diagnostics verifying that the bandwidth isn't being used elsewhere (on router (use OpenWRT) and on OS) - Verified that BTSync's config wasn't set to limit speed The last thing to do would be an OS reinstall, but as I have a ton of things installed / hosted on the system and seeing as nothing else is having issues; it would be an all day event. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  14. Hey Guys - After using a variety of options, BTSync has become an excellent replacement for multiple apps previously used for many purposes. Thanks for your work on it! My Feature Request Tasker integratoin for BTSync on Android! A few minutes ago, I searched online to see if BTSync had Tasker integration or possible workarounds. I found Tasker wasn't currently supported, but did see an overwhelming amount of posts requesting it on various sites including posts on this forum (link). Based on what I've read so far, any potential workarounds are not stable at all . How I Was Planning To Use It (For Today's Goal) One thing I use it for is to sync/copy music and APKs onto my Android phone & tablets. When getting a new phone recently, I decided to use my old phone (HTC One M7) in my truck 100% of the time to use as a media server. I've had a few BTSync folders set up on it for a while now so that I could easily add/sync a daily radio show, music, backup configs, and APKs to my phone from my primary home computer, but have also had the device on me and been able to charge it nightly. In the new scenario, The device will charge while I'm driving, but not at any other time. If BTSync had Tasker integration, I would configure BTSync to only scan/check for folder changes when connected to my home's Wi-Fi and to have it not check (service not run) when not connected. Ideally, it would be nice to have the ability to be able to set how often it checks for sync based off of whatever Tasker trigger(s) used, but even a basic integration would be a great start. New Customers Based on responses I've seen, I firmly believe that adding this feature would not only make many current users happy, but bring in a whole new community of customers as the Tasker community would be all over this. All you have to do is search Google Play for Tasker plugins to get an idea how big it's use it. Thanks for reading!
  15. Hey Guys - I have a remote Linux box (Debian Squeeze) which for a couple of years have been manually transferring data from it to my local PC (Win 8.1) using FTP. Once local, I'd then have to sort it manually. I started using BTSync recently instead and wish I had thought to use it earlier. It's a better solution by far - especially as I can sync music folders with my phone! I've got an issue that I've run into that I need help with. Between my remote Linux and local Windows systems, I sync a single folder which has 10 static category folders inside of it. Based on labels and rules I've set up on the Linux end, files and folders of all types are placed into one of these 10 folders for synchronization to my local PC. What I'm Trying to Do Once a file / folder is synced locally to my Windows box, it will be inside one of the 10 category folders. Based on the category folder it's in, I want it moved to a different local folder where it will be amongst similar file / folder types. The methods I've tried so far either continuously watch each category sync folder or do so at an interval. Once they see a folder / file, it's moved to the target folder. Synced Folder Structure: - "/home/user/Sync" - Single folder synced with BTSync on remote side - /home/user/Sync/Documents - /home/user/Sync/Complete - /home/user/Sync/FLAC - … (7 more folders) These 10 folders stay in root of synced folder 100% of the time are are never deleted or moved Folders / Files synced into each of the 10 folders range from a few kilobytes to multiple gigabytes. The addition may also be a single file to a folder containing numerous files and sub-folders My Issue I've found that despite rules I set, files / folders are being moved before they finish syncing from the remote linux box. The best luck I've had is setting rules not not move *.bts files since that's the extension until they are complete, but that doesn't work for folders. For example, if syncing a folder which has 10 .flac files in it locally, the folder would be created first and the first file start to sync with the .bts format. Once the first file finishes and changes to .flac, the rules move the folder to the destination thereby deleting the folder from the sync folder which finally deletes it from the source along with all other files. As I download individual files as wel as folders, I need to find a rule / method where whatever has been added to be synced will not move until it's 100% downloaded. Example of My Issue Lets say I add a folder named "Folder1" which contains a few files and sub-folders into "/home/user/Sync/Complete" on the remote side BtSync then starts to sync it locally into "D:\AppCache\Sync\Complete\Folder1" As "D:\AppCache\Sync\Complete" is monitored to move new contents, the app performing the task sees "Folder1" appear moves it immediately or (depending on how rules are set) does once a new file appears inside of it matching a filter The app moves "Folder1" immediately (or including it's single synced file depending on rules) to "D:\Complete" - The sync hasn't finished, but the monitoring app doesn't know that When the folder is moved, it's actually copying the folder to the new location and deleting it from the old one. Therefore, BTSync thinks I've deleted the folder locally so in turn deletes the remote copy. This results in the folder D:\Complete\Folder1" being empty plus the original being deleted on both local and remote sidesWhat I've Tried So far, I've tried a few Windows apps. but no scripts yet. At first, I tried Belvedere but found it's options seem to be too simplistic. Next, I tried DropIt, but has similar results. My most recent attempt was using Hygeia. Even though it seemed to offer the most choices for rule criteria; it still wasn't enough. I looked at one of my favorite sites - - for additional software, but didn't see anything which may work better. I considered setting up individual sync folders per category and syncing them locally with the target folders which the rules are to move the data to post sync, but the local folders contains tons of data which I don't want to sync. Doing so would be impossible given my resources. If I do this and set the local sync to Read Only, will that accomplish the task? I'm using BTSync 2.x on both ends and plan to upgrade to Pro soon (still barely in 30 day trial) but definitely will if I can figure this out. Does anyone have suggestions for how to accomplish this? Thanks!