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  1. And as a PS to those suggesting syncthing, Yes syncthing is great. I love it. I'd have gone there and this thread would not have been started BUT... Google in their wisdom created the GO platform on which syncthing is written. The GO platform prevents syncthing from being able to create folders on SDCards set up as external storage under Android. syncthing blames Google, google says GO is reeeeally secure... etc.etc. This will probably never be fixed without rooting your phone. If the SD Card is set up as internal then yes I believe it works (not tried) but that means your SDCard is encrypted and unable to be read from another device in the event of a phone disaster. Your data on the SDCard dies with your phone. Shame. Andy.
  2. Hello once more folks, So being stuck in lockdown my phone has been stuck with me also on the same wifi network for pretty much a week. And resilio has been behaving. No freezes or force closing required. Having read the threads about dropped connections I have a theory (no evidence to present I'm afraid) that resilio gets broken when the phone connects to wifi that requires a signin on a landing page. On my route to work and around that area there are a lot of chains (eg McDonalds, Premier Inn etc etc) with wpa encrypted public wifi access points that then require a login on a landing page. I have a hunch that herin lies the problem. 1) Because these wifi connections are encrypted and password protected the phone will connect to them when they are in range without asking. Once you've signed up to the Wifi in one of these outlets you've pretty much signed up to the wifi in every store in the UK at least. 2) The landing page. This works by intercepting DNS on a http connection and redirecting the request. On https this does not work for a host of security reasons (URL cert not matching server, Landing page DNS intercepting the resolution request and returning the wrong IP so DNSSEC invalid at best. etc etc etc) So the flakey theory is that if the wifi connects then resilio sync believes it to have access to the internet but gets part of its connectivity blocked by a wifi AP landing page it then breaks in a way it can't recover from and basically baulks until it is force closed. I'm still waiting to be advised on how to go about collecting logs that may help to troubleshoot this issue. C'mon resilio, I've got nothing else to do for another three weeks. Andy.
  3. Update as promised, aaaand.... Back to square one. Didn't last a week. So new SD Card made no difference. Symptoms: 1. Notice that some files on another client haven't synced when they've had a day or so to do so. 2. Go to phone and see that sync has no peers for any sync folders when clearly there should be. 3. Go to settings> exit. Sync displays shutdown spinning wheel (forever. Tested 24hrs at least) until the app is force closed or the phone is restarted. As you were, Andy.
  4. Hi @Maniac but did you keep the SD card in the phone? Try removing the SD card from the phone just to eliminate it completely. If sync still hangs then we know for sure its NOT the SD card. Andy
  5. Ok Folks, So an update some 10 months after I opened this thread. I might have found the problem. Jury's out but looking good so far. tl;dr My SD Card was broken. This was a Samsung Evo Plus (not +) 128gb - a pretty high spec card with a 5 year warranty that's not even half way through. So about 3 months ago (note this was still some 7 months after I started this thread) I noticed that the phone in general was less responsive than it used to be and particularly voice navigation commands. Google would take ages to acknowledge and then ages to open up Maps. Google maps in general was slow to open up but aok once it had done so. I just thought "Hey tired phone and so much stuff on there - after Christmas I'll hard reset/buy new phone etc etc" and just put up with the problem for the time being. Then last week I was looking for a photo on my SD card only to discover my SD card was not present. Removing/Reinserting android took ages to "Prepare SD Card, Checking for errors." only to give up. I put the card in a PC. The PC saw everything fine. Backed up the card. Fine. (I'd another backup anyway - I'll get to that later.) Then tried a chkdsk. There were errors on the volume bitmap. And chkdsk couldn't fix them. I tried deleting a few folders of things I didn't need. It took ages. Then on one operation, the card disaapeared from windows and then reappeared. At this point I've lost confidence in the card and did a diff on the card and a diff on my backup of the card I've been performing manually with Resilio sync once a week and then disabling it. All was good except for one mp3 deep in my music collection that had bitrot on a dozen or so bytes on the copy I'd just lifted from the card. The end of the story is that I've replaced the card with a Sandisk Extreme 128gb for £26 from Amazon and the phone is like a new device! Not had to reset it or anything. Google maps back up to pace. and Resilio sync has been active for 48 hours with no problem. Still able to close with no lockup. Copying the data to the new card was easy. Setting sync to point to the new card not so easy. You have to delete the sync relationship (the data is not deleted) and recreate them and wait an eternity for 80gb data to be reindexed. It'll suck your battery. Do it on the charger. I'll update you all in a week and let you know how its been. So Resilio, if this is the case, you need something in there that can "tell" if a card is not playing ball properly as android is no help, and if the card *is* damaged we don't want sync replicating files with bitrot across to our other devices which incidentally I can report in this case as NOT happened. Anyone else with this problem want to try changing their SD card and see if their experience with Resilio improves? Anyone having this problem who is syncing from phone storage and NOT the SD card? bfn, Andy.
  6. Hi there, My group consists of a couple Lenovo thinkpads running Win10 and win7 and my always on NAS built with openmediavault based on debian stretch. And my android phone of course. HTC10 on oreo. Can't turn off the NAS. That's the whole point of the sync setup. The phone and laptops don't have relationships that share with each other - they all share each with the NAS only. Andy.
  7. Hi @ajp_anton, I just meant that I had to launch it. However I think all the celebrations was a bit to early. Resilio hasn't synced since 9th May. I'm here on the same network as the primary device it syncs with and it can't see any peers. Zilch. And yes, exiting the app via menu / exit results in the shutting down message that spirals forever/ force close/ restart the phone. Longest I waited was 12 hours overnight. Can nobody get a sync app to work? Syncthing can't sync to sdcard (way to go google (pun intended)). Waiting for nextcloud to get delta update implemented then I'll be trying that again(again). Sigh. Andy.
  8. Hi, Update: Today three days after giving Resilio Camera permissions and it is still syncing without an android reboot. However I did have to open the app to kick it in to life. I was not expecting that denying camera permission would stop the app from syncing! But whatever. It would have been nice for it to tell me. Is there any way of making Resilio sync in the background without me having to open the app on android for a sync to take place? Thanks, Andy.
  9. Hello again, So during a last ditch attempt to get this working before uninstalling and moving on I noticed that I'd denied the android camera permission for the app. For giggles I force closed the app, gave it camera permissions and restarted it. Sync began syncing almost straight away. That's the 1st time I've ever got it out of this hole without a phone restart. We will see how life progresses, but it would appear that if you deny camera permission then it bricks the app. That's on a HTC10 running nougat. Andy.
  10. Hi there, Update: This seems to be happening every day now. Photos I took yesterday had synced after the phone restart but this morning's photos didn't. A quick look at resilio on the phone showed that it wasn't connected to any peers and nothing I tried would get it to connect. A restart of the phone sets of syncing again without any other intervention. I'm not having any other trouble with the phone. No other problem apps. Any ideas anyone? How to go about troubleshooting this? Thanks, Andy.
  11. i will notice after an indeterminate number of days that my Android sync stops syncing. On examination I see that it isn't connected to peers, and doesn't seem to want to try. If I close the app it hangs on exit with a shutdown banner and spinner. Requires phone restart to get rid of the spinner and fix the syncing. All becomes good when the phone comes backup. Htc10 on nougat. The other sync devices are a debian based box and a windows 7 laptop which behave without issue. All devices version 2.6.3
  12. Hi there, So when I right click on a file in windows explorer that is on another box over a unc path eg \\server\share\folder1, explorer freezes and takes up to 30 seconds to return the context menu. It's fine on folders on the local machine. This happens on files hosted either by other windows boxes and by my NAS hosted by debian stretch. Once the menu has been returned after the slow wait, it's good for more right clicks on that file for a minute or so, so something is being cached somewhere, but leaving the folder and returning, or right clicking a different file, or just waiting a while means the delay will be back. Using ShellExView I narrowed the culprit to Resilio Sync 2.5.12 context menu handler (64 bit) with the CLSID {581FFA00-FC33-000C-0502-95003A5CDE89} pointing to the file: C:\Users\{UserName}\AppData\Roaming\Resilio Sync\ShellExtensionPath64_4A7.dll Disabling this in the context menu resolved the slow right click problem. So... is there a fix other than removing the context menu option? I have to say removing it is not a biggie as all my sync management is done through the wui so that is my work around for the time being. Thanks, Andy.
  13. Hi all, I'm on Android Version 2.5.9 (7471) and still this problem persists. I had to rebuild my NAS server - Vanilla debian stretch platform - real basic - samba, Resilio sync, not much else at this point. Resilio Sync version 2.5.12 (1191). The phone is HTC10 running Nougat and the NAS is homebrew on a celeron ITX all in one mobo. Been using BTSync since the early days and life hasn't been the same since BTSync V1.4 which was the closest I've ever been to set and forget. So this weekend I set up fresh sync relationships on both devices to the My Docs, Downloads, DCIM, Pictures and Music folders to pull from my Android device and let it sync the data to my NAS. 42GbB of pictures and DCIM transferred without a hitch but in the 10GB music folder 10 to 15% of the files were partly filled with zeros and missing the tag info. I used a file diff tool to compare what had copied to the NAS with my previous backups so I know with certainty what is ok and what is not. I've never had a problem with sync relationships between the NAS and my windows 7 laptop. It's only music files involving Android that hits this problem. The showstopper for me is that Resilio Sync lies. The sizes look good, it tells you the sync is complete. But its not. And then the file corruption grows like a cancer. Just tell me my files are not synced please? And which files you can't sync/copy/verify? I'm not particularly interested in why they won't sync, but PLEASE don't lie about it! The only way to be sure after the event is to break into the diff tool box and start mucking about. I'd have moved to syncthing if they'd not shot themselves in the foot by not being able to write to external SD cards on later Android versions. And yes there are workarounds, but their workarounds are not really solutions. The whole Android mess is beginning to remind me of the good old Microsoft days all over again. How hard can it be to sync files between devices? No one, not resilio, syncthing, dropbox, google drive etc etc etc seem to have managed a complete solution without screwing something up somewhere. In hope of utopia one day, Andy