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  1. I agree that there are more "cloud storage" providers, but what would make SyncApp unique, is a distributed cloud storage. They can take down Mega(upload), they can force storage providers to provide a copy of your data. If SyncApp could be used as a distributed cloud storage, it would be virtually impossible to remove the data. if for example WikiLeaks wants to store some documents, there wouldn't be a party to ask to take the data offline. People suffering from represive regimes, could store their data and remain anonymous. And trusting Bittorrent with your data is very easy if you are able to encrypt it,
  2. Nice app, thanks! I would like to see a cloud storage, based on the sync app. if a lot of people share disk space (a usb disk hooked up to a raspberry pi), we could have a *giant* fileserver. It would need redundancy in case users go offline, and it would need encrypted storage, so you are the only one who can access your data. And you can not know if there is copyright protected material present on your usb disk, belonging to someone else. Last whish: Please opensource the project, so people can see what is done with their data!