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  1. restore unfinished downloads and resume. let's say 3 computers are syncing with each other, and are currently downloading new files from computer1. computer2 finishes first and inadvertently deletes the files from his sync folder. all other computers have their files moved to the .SyncTrash folder automatically. there needs to be a way to not only restore these partially downloaded files, but also to resume the download. a solution to this would be provide both a "2-way sync" feature (syncapp as it exists today) and a "1-way sync" feature. while both features would allow the usual sharing of file pieces among all the computers, any folder created as a "1-way sync" would not propagate changes to the others. in other words, a "1-way sync" folder could download and upload and DOWNLOADED data, but it would not share any new files added to it locally...and would not propagate any deletions done locally. the "1-way sync" folder would need to be just an option you can set locally. so the use case would be for one hosting computer to set up a 2way sync folder and populate it with files. all the other computers sharing that folder would click the option to change their local sync folder to a "1-way sync". if any file is deleted/added from/to a 1-way sync folder, it does not affect any other computer. if a file is deleted/added from/to the 2-way sync folder, it does affect all other sync'd folders. that way 1 machine can share files to multiple machines without having to worry about the receiving machines accidentally deleting the original files.