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  1. In my testing it seems like 50 devices are syncing. Even though more than 100 are set to use the same read-only key. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. For me it's an OS deployment technology. Creating bootable VHD's of full sysprep'd Windows OS's, then modifying the Windows bootloader to boot off the newly deployed VHD file the next time the system restarts. Manually having to install on each machine I want to deploy to right now since there is no truly portable/command line driven install yet for Windows. This allows me to deploy an OS to a machine behind the scenes so students can still be working with the current OS. But in a "multicast" type fashion so as to not bog down the fileserver completely.
  3. I too really need this feature. I'm certain my company would even donate towards the cause to have this feature added right away to meet certain deadlines..
  4. New in the Alpha. I have seen the request for a "true" portable solution.. To go along with that for my needs I could see it being quite beneficial to be able to run a commandline to get a machine into the stream. ie: BTSync.exe -readonlysharedsecret -foldertocopyfilesto -trayonly Also running as a system level service would be great and then the ability to throw commands at the system service as necessary would be nice too. Thanks, loving the Alpha so far.