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  1. I use it to sync the files (My Documents, My Pictures etc) of two different users on two different computers. This means my girlfriend can login to my computer and have the same data there as on her laptop. There is the added bonus of continous backup without a dedicated server. She dropped her laptop in the ocean? Good thing i have a up-to-date backup on mine. Its fast since it uses our LAN and doesnt sync via a slow cloud server... And its reliable. Awsome stuff.
  2. I am using this software since a while back and i love it! Awsome work! But: the folder-secret approach is clumsy. Motivation/Example: Each computer has its own settings for its share. Lets say that I create a shared folder and specify that it should only sync via LAN (no tracking/relay server). If i then add it to another computer it will use the default settings for the new share. This causes tracking and relaying to be enabled on the new computer and remain disabled on the old. Settings could be negotiated between the devices via network and i guess it should be. I guess this is a childhood bug of this marvelous little program. But lets look at the typical workflow of setting up a share: Create a share with a secret Copy the secret Paste into a txt file Save the txt file Move the txt file to the new computer Open the txt file on new computer Copy secret Paste secret into BTsync Choose folder to sync to So why not create a standardized file, lets call it a "Sync File", similar to the Torrent file. It could then contain information like: Name for the share, so that there is a common denominator across all devices. Lets say that I share "Paris Photos" with my girlfriend who decides to put them in the folder "The Summer of '69" and my father puts them into the folder "The Bastard Son in the Town of Love" A name would make it possible to backtrack via BTsync and find my Paris Photos on my girlfriends laptop. Settings such as Tracker server allowed or not and which tracker server to use. This means i could set up a private tracker without relying on anyone else. I like this idea since i could control who is accessing my files. A family tracker with locked IP addresses via IPTables for instance. Secret. Icon could be used to set the windows folder icon and could be used internally in BTsync, so that the paris photos all have a litte Eiffeltower on their folder, across all devices. It could be expanded through a version field like a vCard file. The new workflow for creating a share would then be: Create a share with a secret Save the sync-file Move the sync-file to the new computer Open the sync-file on the new computer Choose folder to sync to Please consider implementing this and continue being awsome!
  3. LAN only mode. I dont want it to transmit/receive anything over internet, ever Removing the NAT uPnP and such is great and all but i want an explicit LAN mode so that i can rest easy knowing that noone can hack into my streams and that my LAN is not exposed. I will come home every evening with my laptop anyway and i would like to let it sync then.