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  1. I added sleep 3m && /usr/Appdata/bitTorrentSync/btsync to the rc.local file. Now on reboot it loads and I'm Syncing as I type. So it works with a Seagate GoFlex Home 2tb NAS. Thank you, Craig
  2. I took off the .sh and it is running on reboot. Yes, it was the /etc/rc.local file that I modified. Now I can goto ipaddress:8888 and see the config screen but the files are not syncing. I changed the owner of btsync to root:root, rebooted but still no sync. I even re-added the folder with no luck.
  3. I have the btsync binary in: /usr/Appdata/bitTottentSync/ nano rc.local added /usr/Appdata/bitTottentSync/ saved (reopened to make sure) I can ./btsync and it runs and I can configure. On reboot it is still in the directory but it does not load.
  4. Ok--That works but it's still in the tmp dir Now I need to figure out which directory to install to and how to get it to load after a reboot. Thank you.
  5. I loaded the Arm version and when I type: ./btsync I get: BitTorrent Sync forked to background. PID = 21547 Does anyone know if it is working/How do I share/create a BT Sync folder--add a Secret?
  6. Has anybody tried this on a Seagate GoFlex Home NAS? Thank you, Craig