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  1. In short: Yes.

    Syncronization is based on the torrent technology so the clients send chunks not files. If I remember correctly these chunks are 4MB so if your file is bigger than 4 MB and it doesn't transfers in a few seconds then other peers will help out.

    BTW supposedly Dropbox uses 4MB chunks too. What is it about this number?

    Edit: I just realized you're talking about multi-WAN. With one PC this is not possible until you can bind btsync to an IP or interface or somehow balance connections, but if you virtualize another one or if you have two PCs at home then I think so. Why haven't you tried it out?

  2. Is there a way to change the certificate used by the webui? Is it hardcoded into the binary?

    I don't mind if it generates it's own but I wan't it to be singned by my root CA.

    I'm also interested in the inner workings of the webui. For example I assume it loads the files from the webui.zip and runs a micro webserver. Can I change things in the zip file and will it be overridden on restart or an update?

    Also a small feature request: It would be nice if there'd be an option to force HTTPS and using a hash instead of clear text for passwords but I'm sure this was mentioned before.

  3. I see, thanks for clearing that up.

    Can i disable it somehow? I have no use for it on this isolated computer and it could use PEX with the server if it has to and ofc LAN sync. I tried to create a firewall rule that only allows connections in my subnet for btsync.exe, but it doesn't even care about it. :)

    BTW: On linux I only opened a port for the client itself, not for the webui, still i can access it, how is that?

  4. On my desktop I only enabled LAN search and known hosts because it's behind a firewall and bridged through my home server which also runs BTSync. So there is no point for it to go and try to see the world. I want it to be a LAN only peer.

    I sometimes notice that it opens dozens of UDP connections to random IPs then they're closed in a minute. Again, there is no DHT enabled, neither the tracker. And these connections resemble DHT. So what are they?

    I see an always open multicast connection to, that ought to be the LAN sync. I don't think this gets past my router, but is it possible? And even if it is why would I get connections from around the world?

    Can we get some insight to how it all works?

  5. I'm not sure whether this can be done without conflicts, but it would be great if there'd be an option to create shares inside shares. For example I snyc my Works folder which contains all my projects but I might need to sync just one project folder with someone. It does sound like selective snyc but I don't want the other peers getting access to everything.