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  1. Disappointed Cat

    Sync: Security Is Our Highest Priority

    IP addresses and peer data could be encrypted with a derived key, like the ENC-RO key. That's just one idea.
  2. Yes, it's an edge case but if there are exactly 51 at the time they will connect to each other and until one of them goes offline there is no free place. Unless there is a built-in re-peering solution. This is the most pressing issue.
  3. Well, if you have 51 online peers and they form a complete graph (each connecting to 50), the 52nd peer would be all alone in the darkness.
  4. Disappointed Cat

    Latest Desktop Build 1.3.106

    Oh, noes.
  5. Disappointed Cat

    Latest Desktop Build 1.3.105

    Sure. Here: https://i.imgur.com/3o3bnhG.jpg ... and after a service restart: https://i.imgur.com/y7qTLoq.jpg
  6. Disappointed Cat

    Syncapp.zendesk Spam

    I figured as much but it would've been nice to turn off notifications for these. Anyway, I think there are no more tickets left of mine.
  7. Disappointed Cat

    Syncapp.zendesk Spam

    Can we please do something about the ticket system's automatic e-mails? It's going haywire. In the last ~24 hours I've got like 12 useless mails already. Things like "How would you rate the support?" or "This request is automatically closed by a script due to inactivity." Put me out of my misery!
  8. Disappointed Cat

    Latest Desktop Build 1.3.105

    I very much prefer the new WebUI. It's great! I don't need to - nor do I want to - see a mile long page of peers. One small bug at first glance: Encrypted secrets don't show up in the input box like read-only secrets. And a question: At first, it only showed the basename of the paths, now it shows full paths. Why? Can it be configured?
  9. Disappointed Cat

    Remote Desktop (Rdp) Implementation

    I'd take this to the network layer: It'd be awesome if BTSync peers could create a P2P VPN. Then we could use it for virtually anything. At first 1-to-1 could do, then n-to-n. Indeed, this would be a huge side-project and the only thing that we could reuse is the peer discovery, as far as I "know" the system. A VPN can't have delays, so torrent as a transport protocol is not really a viable option. Should I open a thread for this? Is it feasible?
  10. Disappointed Cat

    Btsync With Vnc

    Here's a good example: freedns.afraid.org ... and a script for CloudFlare: (original source unknown), but they have decent tutorials/scripts too if you need one. #!/usr/bin/env pythonimport urllib2, json, socketfrom urllib import urlencodedef setipforsubdomain(subdomain, domain, email, tkn, apiaddr, ip): dictionary = dict([ ('a', 'rec_edit'), ('type', 'A'), ('z', domain), ('tkn', tkn), ('email', email), ('name', subdomain), ('content', ip), ('service_mode', '0'), ('ttl', '1')]) rec_all = urllib2.urlopen(apiaddr, urlencode(dict([ ('a', 'rec_load_all'), ('tkn', tkn), ('email', email), ('z', domain)]))) rec_all = json.loads(rec_all.read()) for dicts in rec_all['response']['recs']['objs']: if dicts['name'] == host: id = dicts['rec_id'] else: pass dictionary['id'] = id rec_edit = urllib2.urlopen(apiaddr, urlencode(dictionary)) print urlencode(dictionary) print rec_edit.read()if __name__ == "__main__": subdomain = "dyn" domain = "domain.tld" email = "cloudflare-login@domain.tld" tkn = "secret_api_token" apiaddr = "https://www.cloudflare.com/api_json.html" host = "%s.%s" % (subdomain, domain) ip = urllib2.urlopen("http://icanhazip.com").read()[:-1] current_ip = socket.gethostbyname(host) if ip == current_ip: pass else: setipforsubdomain(subdomain, domain, email, tkn, apiaddr, ip)
  11. Disappointed Cat

    Btsync With Vnc

    There are countless free dyn DNS providers, some actually work. If you already own a domain, CloudFlare's API can do this for you with the help of a little script.
  12. Disappointed Cat

    Heartbleed Vulnerability

    I vaguely remember it uses Win Crypt API. Am I right? By the way, when can we have a look at the black box crypto specification?
  13. Disappointed Cat

    Sync API wishlist

    Get_peers should also return IP addresses along with client names.
  14. Disappointed Cat

    Syncapp Mobile: Wishlist

    Automatically disable auto-sleep on android when the device is plugged in.
  15. Disappointed Cat

    Windows 7 Issues

    Better yet, rename the file to sync.conf and put it in C:\Users\{YourUser}\AppData\Roaming\BitTorrent Sync. This way it will be loaded even if the app is started automatically.