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  1. Other thread has now been merged into this one to form single feature request thread
  2. Moved to Feature Request forum and merged with similar threads all requesting the ability to "prioritize" transfers
  3. The timezone itself is less of an issue - if a device is the correct time within whatever timezone it's set to, you should still be able to sync (as Sync references all times internally back to UTC anyway). A "time difference" error occurs when a peer's clock is wrong within the timezone it's set to. For more information, please see:
  4. Dear community, Resilio Sync 2.4.5 is now available. It may be obtained it via direct links below, or via official download page. This version has not yet been published via auto-update. UPGRADING FROM BITTORRENT SYNC Sync is now released under the Resilio brand, it is treated by OS as new application and will propose you to migrate all your settings from old BitTorrent Sync app (settings are backed up during migration). Please carefully read these articles about updating to Resilio Sync and migration of settings. DOWNGRADE Resilio Sync will make a backup copy of all your settings prior migration into "sync-v2.3.7-1471003319.backup"-like folder (version and timestamp may vary). If you decide to return to 2.3.*, you'll need to manually copy the content to your storage folder, remove Resilio Sync and be aware of next downgrade drawbacks: You'll downgrade to "Free" version and you'll have to re-apply license manually. File association with license files *.btskey is broken so you'll need to apply license in BTSync UI Linking new devices to downgraded Sync is not possible. You'll need to recreate identity if you want to link some new device. Downgrade is not supported for Selective Sync folders (as all placeholder files are renamed to *.rsl*). If you downgrade and your Sync has Selective Sync folders, your files are going to be deleted on all peers. Direct Download Links: Installer for Windows: x86 installer x64 installer Package for OS X: OS X package Gzip archive for Linux: arm armhf i386 x64 glibc23_i386 glibc23_x64 Gzip archive for FreeBSD: i386 x64 Android 2.4.6. A list of what's new, improved, changed, and fixed in this version is available in the change log.
  5. You didn't provide any details as to the total number/size of files & folders you've added to sync... but are you running Sync as a windows service, and therefore you're seeing the "stop running script?" prompt in your browser, or are you running sync as a regular application (i.e. and access the UI via the Sync taskbar icon) If the former, what browser are you running? Have you tried accessing the WebUI via a different browser? If the latter, what version of Internet Explorer is installed on your system? ...and is it up-to-date?
  6. You don't say what OS you're running, but have you tried increasing the folder_rescan_interval setting (i.e. so that Sync re-scans folders less frequently) You could also try adjusting other settings such as setting "disk_low_priority" to "true" in order to concede resources to other applications, etc Also, are you using encrypted folders? If so, these will consume more CPU, so you could consider removing and re-adding these are regular folders instead.
  7. 1) Check the system clocks on all your devices are correct/the same 2) Check that when you modify and save a file that it doesn't remain "locked" by the application you have the file open in until you close the file/application (sync can't transfer files whilst they are locked/in-use)
  8. Check the system clocks on your devices and the modification time on the files themselves. Sync has determine that these files have invalid modification times (i.e. they appear to have been modified in the future - which isn't possible). Correcting your device's system clocks (if that's the case) should resolve the issue, otherwise, you'll need to "touch" (modify) the files in question on a device with a correct system clock so that the files then have a "valid" modification time, and can sync.
  9. You don't need to "perform a manual cleanup" of the archive folder - there's a setting in Sync (sync_trash_ttl) that automates this. By default, files will persist in the archive for 30 days, but you can increase/decrease this to suit your particular needs
  10. Connection via relay server will be used in instances where direct connection between peers cannot be established. For more information on when the relay server is used, please see:
  11. Please see:
  12. Sync and Sync Pro can use a tracker, but can't install a "local tracker service" The link to information on the tracker options within Sync/Sync pro may be found here:
  13. Feel free to post this specific request (i.e. per-folder sync scheduling) over in the Feature Request forum.
  14. IPs, MAC Addresses, and Sync version info can be viewed for your connected devices via the "My Devices" icon
  15. Not if you set all your devices to "Disconnected" mode - that way, when you add a new folder on one device, it won't automatically sync with all your other devices. You can then copy the sharing link to share the folder with your "friends"