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  1. GreatMarko

    14gb of "!sync" files in .sync folder

    .!sync files are temporary files created whilst data is being received. They are safe to delete, however, if they relate to a file currently in the process of being received, that file will begin transfer again from the start.
  2. GreatMarko

    Invalid Time

    Please check the date/time is correct on your device and on all other connected devices in your mesh.
  3. GreatMarko

    Portable Version Of Sync

    There actually exists portable versions of Sync - however, this feature was officially dropped some time ago as of Sync 1.2.82 (although continued to work for early 1.3.x builds too)... so if you can find one of those builds, you can run Sync portable. Otherwise, this thread is certainly the right place to request that portability be brought back
  4. If you go to "My Devices", and select one of your connected peers, Sync will display the version of Sync running on that device (along with its IP and MAC addresses)
  5. GreatMarko

    Showing upgrade to 2.5.9

    The changelog has now been updated to 2.5.9. There are only minor cosmetic changes in this update.
  6. You may like to check out Resilio Connect which offers centralized management of permissions/shares. I suspect these Connect-specific "Enterprise" options won't be back-ported into Sync Business
  7. GreatMarko

    Force Rescan -- Validate

    Sounds more like it may potentially be a bug. I've moved this to the troubleshooting forum, but you may also wish to open a support ticket.
  8. As the conf file is essentially a JSON file, each line in a section (apart from the last) needs to end with a comma.
  9. GreatMarko

    Force Rescan -- Validate

    There is - you can enable debug logging. Do be aware though that Sync can't sync files that are open/locked/in-use by other applications - which may be the reason why some of your files are not immediately syncing
  10. GreatMarko

    Force Rescan -- Validate

    The "folder_rescan_interval" advanced setting can be used to set a recurring interval at which your folders are re-scanned for changes. If changes are not being picked up automatically, this regular re-scanning setting should pick them up.
  11. GreatMarko

    Meet Resilio Sync 2.5

    The team are aware of this issue and are working on a resolution - please see this post.
  12. GreatMarko

    Disable "File Locked" notifications in Windows 10

    Have you tried unticking the "Show notifications" option (Settings -> General), and changing the advanced Power User setting "enable_file_system_notifications" to false?
  13. GreatMarko

    Meet Resilio Sync 2.5

    Don't worry - 2.5 will come to auto-update in due course. New builds are always announced here on the forums in the first instance and initially only available for manual install/update. The main reason auto-update isn't usually enabled at the same time as a new build is announced here, is to allow the team to capture any significant issues from the sub-set of users who manually update, that perhaps weren't picked up in testing/QA phase, before pushing a new version out to everyone. Typically it can be anywhere from a few days to a few weeks before auto-update is enabled.
  14. GreatMarko

    Sync iOS 2.4.8 - Can't add folder by key

    Is it possible that you entered the key incorrectly? Where did you obtain the key? If it was copied & pasted from an email, did it copy correctly? (i.e. if the link/key "wrapped" onto a new line in the email, when copying it may have inserted a space/copied as two lines instead of one, etc)
  15. GreatMarko

    Sync 2.5 no peers

    Did the port number change? (Settings -> Advanced -> Connection -> Listening Port) if so, perhaps your firewall is blocking it? See also: