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  1. Please check the date/time is correct on your device and on all other connected devices in your mesh.
  2. There actually exists portable versions of Sync - however, this feature was officially dropped some time ago as of Sync 1.2.82 (although continued to work for early 1.3.x builds too)... so if you can find one of those builds, you can run Sync portable. Otherwise, this thread is certainly the right place to request that portability be brought back
  3. Sounds more like it may potentially be a bug. I've moved this to the troubleshooting forum, but you may also wish to open a support ticket.
  4. There is - you can enable debug logging. Do be aware though that Sync can't sync files that are open/locked/in-use by other applications - which may be the reason why some of your files are not immediately syncing
  5. The "folder_rescan_interval" advanced setting can be used to set a recurring interval at which your folders are re-scanned for changes. If changes are not being picked up automatically, this regular re-scanning setting should pick them up.
  6. Have you tried unticking the "Show notifications" option (Settings -> General), and changing the advanced Power User setting "enable_file_system_notifications" to false?
  7. Did the port number change? (Settings -> Advanced -> Connection -> Listening Port) if so, perhaps your firewall is blocking it? See also:
  8. You misunderstand - I said any "user" (i.e. a user of Sync) can receive an individual file. Sync is still required
  9. Folks, I'm happy to report that Sync 2.5 is now available which includes the ability to share individual files! (Pro users can "send" individual files, any user can "receive" them)
  10. Moved to Feature Request forum and merged with similar threads all requesting the ability to "prioritize" transfers
  11. Check the system clocks on your devices and the modification time on the files themselves. Sync has determine that these files have invalid modification times (i.e. they appear to have been modified in the future - which isn't possible). Correcting your device's system clocks (if that's the case) should resolve the issue, otherwise, you'll need to "touch" (modify) the files in question on a device with a correct system clock so that the files then have a "valid" modification time, and can sync.
  12. Thanks, @adriannla a couple of outdated links in the original topic have now been updated.
  13. Hi Marko. About your answer of jan 26: "

    [i can repost under your answer on that thread if that is better, 

    or  please go ahead and do so, or to any appropriate thread. If there's a post out there with a solution, maybe you know how to search for it better than I do.]



    Sync will sync files between your devices either within your local network, or via the internet. However, in order to sync those devices must be turned on.

    Sync itself isn't "remote access" software - i.e. you won't be able to retrieve a random file from a remote device, you'll only be able to access files within folders you've specifically set to sync."


    On Macs, does this mean that the machines I am syncing with must appear in the sidebar as "shared" devices before sync will function remotely? Or, should sync work after the key is entered, to any machine connected to the internet? As I read, BTS is not remote access, right?

    I'm using mac, el capitan 10.11, and changed from one laptop to 4 machines (to 2 macBook Air 2012, and 2 desktops, iMac and a mini I built) so I could stop depending on manual backup and a primary laptop that was failing, and so I would not have to carry a laptop from location A to location B all the time. So I am trying to keep 4 or 5 folders the same over 4 machines. I used links to setup sync on all the machines first manually. I set them all in location A first, everything synced fine. Then carried one laptop and one desktop to location B. Nothing syncs remotely.  I thought I should be able to take the laptops anywhere and designated files would be synced; not have to re-link every time i reconnect a laptop wirelessly. I could not be in both locations at the same time.


    A) I'm not at both locations at the same time to set this up! I'm at one, and no one is at the other location. Is this a problem? I leave the computers on and connected to power and  on amphetamine so as not to sleep! didn't seem to work. should drives and or computers not be allowed to sleep?

    B) My identities on at least 2 machines here have different fingerprints. I read that that is not supposed to happen. Same user same identity on all machines is supposed to happen. see image1. fingerprint is different on laptop.

    C) as best as i can see, 3 of the 4 machines have the same name in "peers". Locally, they all still synced. I suspect that, when I set up the machines, the cloned user folders, or restored folders from Migration Assistant, caused this conflict; even though I changed the names of the computers, they stayed the same in BTS peers, even when I set it up again. see image2 

    D) as I said, no sync location A to B




  14. Have you tried making the FileDelayConfig changes RomanZ previously suggested? If so, have you tried increasing the delay values for your Access file types? - For more information, please see this Help Center article.