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  1. I'm also confirming issues with locked files syncing in Windows. Full details: 1) Often work with a lot of MS Office files (Excel + Word mainly). When I open a file, make changes, and save the 1st time, I get a UI popup saying can't sync file because file is locked. This is OK and normal expected behavior [though I wish I can have setting to disable those popups...] 2) However, I find that even after I close out of Excel or Word completely, Resilio still shows some (but not all) of the files I worked with as being locked. The ONLY way to fix this is by restarting Resilio in which case those files will sync. This seems to mean the files weren't locked anymore and Resilio just thought they were for some reason before the restart? 3) One more twist - tonight, I noticed one Excel file that did NOT sync even after restarting Resilio (and waiting for it to index folders for a couple of minutes). I only managed to get it to sync again after I opened the file, and saved it again. Not sure if this is also a bug, or just a random 1-time thing. I appreciate that the Resilio team is looking into this but just want to state the obvious that this is probably an issue that should be prioritized because Resilio users are relying on the fact that sync keeps folders identical and allows us to access documents on any device... Love the product otherwise! Thanks
  2. I agree remote linking would be a really nice feature to have. Is there a technical security reason or reason related to the BT sync protocol that makes it not feasible? Edit: Although I guess clearing old devices per https://help.getsync.com/hc/en-us/articles/204762439 optically gets to more or less what I want (apart from know that there are technically phantom devices still linked). Edit 2: Interesting for others who care, I made an image of a computer with hardware issues and then unlinked the computer from my Resilio account. Restored image of that computer to new hardware and the new hardware/computer started syncing with my existing devices again as though I never unlinked it. Is there basically no difference between unlinking on a device vs. clearing old devices from a remote device?
  3. Can we add option to disable "File Locked" notifications in Windows 10? If I'm working on a file in a folder that is synced, whenever I save the file but don't close out of it, I always get a popup that the file is locked. I know Resilio will sync the file after I close out of it, but constantly dismissing those notifications while I'm working on a file is quite annoying. Thanks!
  4. +1 for me as well. In case helpful to others: 1) I tried to setup a new sync between two WD My Cloud Mirror NAS servers that was on my LAN but I plan to move to separate locations. 2) After Sync was still indexing a 200GB folder for >24 hours, I found out that you can right click on the WebGUI column headings and select additional columns. The "Size" column shows the size of the folder that's been indexed so far, so I could track that indexing was "working" and estimate time left. 3) Also, I found that my indexing halted half way through (at ~150GB) and I manually killed the process and restarted it and the indexing sped up significantly. (Turning off the Sync app from the WD My Cloud Mirror Apps page didn't actually stop the rslsync process according to "top" so used "kill <PID>" to do it manually) 4) Indexing finally finished after ~27 hours (though if I had killed process earlier and restarted, might have been faster) and I now have the wonderful sound of silence -- no more clicking of hard drives!