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  1. I'm also confirming issues with locked files syncing in Windows. Full details: 1) Often work with a lot of MS Office files (Excel + Word mainly). When I open a file, make changes, and save the 1st time, I get a UI popup saying can't sync file because file is locked. This is OK and normal expected behavior [though I wish I can have setting to disable those popups...] 2) However, I find that even after I close out of Excel or Word completely, Resilio still shows some (but not all) of the files I worked with as being locked. The ONLY way to fix this is by restarting Resilio in which
  2. Can we add option to disable "File Locked" notifications in Windows 10? If I'm working on a file in a folder that is synced, whenever I save the file but don't close out of it, I always get a popup that the file is locked. I know Resilio will sync the file after I close out of it, but constantly dismissing those notifications while I'm working on a file is quite annoying. Thanks!