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  1. As the tile states, will it be possible in the future to force devices that connect using a read-only key to always update their content. As in, read-only is currently playing a movie directly from the sync folder, the file will be locked in that case while a different client (full access) updates the movie. Because the read-only device has the movie open, it will never be updated. Is this something that would be possible if so, in the near future ?
  2. Anyone knows ? this could potentially be a deal breaker for the scenario i`m planning to use
  3. I'm currently testing some functionality of the sync app (1.1.15) in order to incorporate it in a program. I've tested the following scenario: Client with read-write key is updating a file that is currently being used (locked) from a different client that has a read-only key. Because the file is in use, it cannot be updated and therefore the update is ignored. Side note, the lock on the file is removed after 30 seconds. Is this they way syncing is intended ? I'm testing the scenario because ideally i want the read-write client to attempt the update again when the file is currently in use, will the be possible in the future ? *EDIT* It appears that the sync progress gets stuck on the read-only client that has locked the file. This will clear after ~6 minutes. The status will change back to synced. The read-write client still indicates that it is uploading the file.
  4. Personally i would like to see an API call that returns the files (or simply the amount) scheduled for upload. An use case for this would be a third party program that uses Bit Torrent Sync to distribute files. When the user wishes to close the third party program, the API would allow the programmer to check if everything was synced before closing.