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  1. Well I just found the wonders that is the 'predefined host'. I put my server's IP & 'listening port' in there and it synced right up, well how about that. Guess it's even more reason for me to get a bloody domain.
  2. Password along with the code would be kinda nice - just as a added little user-selected insurance.
  3. I sync my photos between my mom's computer (in Nevada), my sister's computer (in California) and my own (In Minnesota). We have 50GB of pictures and various other files. We can ensure none of them are lost and that mine are read-only on their computers and vise versa... I lost a hard drive a month ago and it synced right back up, no problem. I lost tons of other files, but those pictures were kept safe. I don't have to worry about some hacker compromising some cloud or my files otherwise being the property of some faceless corporation.
  4. Let me start off by saying, "THANK YOU"! You guys rock. This is just fantastic - I've been looking for something that can do this for various applications now for a long time. Microsoft abandoned me, Dropbox and Cubby lost me when they wouldn't let me not use or not pay for their cloud storage, and AeroFS never really quite 'got there'... Thank you so much. I do have a question. The security seems very decent and I feel like I should be able to use it for work documents. However, I'm having trouble getting through my work firewall. I'm not an admin at work, so I can't change that. Is there any plans to add a more... commonly used port option (say 443 or something) so we can weasel our way through our admin? Cubby worked with this, and so did Live Mesh - I assume it's precisely because you connected to a central server rather than a torrent-style network (which is why I didn't like them to begin with)... I can work around it, I suppose, or maybe there's some setting somewhere I'm not seeing. Obviously you guys can't help me too much if I can't open ports, but I was just curious.