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  1. I would use Secure Settings with tasker and freeze BitTorrent sync whenever you want it closed. Seems to work for me...
  2. Well I have found a "work around" for this problem.... For wherever reason (I suspect a bug) you cannot add the root directory of a volume. I.E. Z:\. It simply errors with "Can't open destination folder." Try adding C:\ and it will give you the same error. As a work around I created a junction point from a subdirectory to the root. You can use the Sysinternals junction.exe tool to do the same. junction z:\JunctionPoint z:\ This simply makes a fake folder JunctionPoint on the Z drive. Then you simply add the junction point to BitTorrent Sync. Not ideal but I believe this proves that there is a slight bug... Good luck! Just realised that this is a bad idea unless you add the folder to .SyncIgnore - If not you will find that it will get stuck in a recurring loop ;-P
  3. FYI, I have the exact same issue with a TrueCrypt volume....
  4. I would be very interested in becoming an alpha tester too... James