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  1. Sync is a big idea providing a very simple solution: the ability to move large amounts of data directly and efficiently between devices without the public cloud. We’ve been evolving the initiative from the start, and the launch of Sync 2.0 was a major milestone: we moved from a beta product to a fully-featured release. Today we are announcing the release of Sync 2.2. This version will offer a clearer delineation between personal users and business users. With 2.2, personal users are now able to purchase a non-subscription license for Sync Pro for $39.99. This license will unlock all of the P
  2. Christian here from the Sync team. Your concerns are understood, so allow me to share the following. We take user privacy very seriously and have worked hard to ensure that Sync is a product that adheres to that principle. The issue you refer to relates to a different product with a different business model and separate team. During the install of a uTorrent client there are partner offers made. These are strictly optional and it is false that silent installs have taken place. There has been a lot of misinformation posted in the last day or so and that team is working hard to address any and
  3. Hi all, Stowe Boyd at GigaOm Research has posed the question: Would you use BitTorrent for file sync-and-share? He seems to have doubts about Sync based on his post may misunderstands the technology and tool altogether. In any case, if anyone feels they have a contribution that would be helpful for Stowe’s research, please do share with him. There are a lot of great applications of Sync in the community, I think he may be suprised. The link again: best, Christian