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  1. hakkas, you are awesome!!! I use PuTTY for my Linux interface and am running funplug already. copied in your command lines 1 by 1 which downloaded and started bittorrent sync. my DNS-320 is on reserved internal IP and was able to access the interface via port 8888. For OP, to install FunPlug you have to basically crack your DNS-320, as the manufacturer didn't intend for users to run Linux command line (needed to install additional applications like bittorrent sync). I used used these instructions (or use hakkas, i'm sure they're similar) to install fun plug. I never worked with Linux prior in my I have confidence you can do it too. http://www.nasdestru...25-323-343-345/ However, one additional configuration is that you will/should go into you're router settings and reserve an internal IP for your DNS-320 so you can access BTSync by opening your browser window and putting this in the address bar: <--- note my reserved internal IP for DNS-320 is