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  1. Okay, with the beta version the packets per second is reduced to the number of folders which got no devices connected. But this is still way to much. Once in 5 minutes would be enouth, because another pc would send also packets to find this pc. Running the now latest version on Windows 8.
  2. Well but thats only a crappi workaround ... not a fix. The Problem is that the multicast-packets not sent once in a minute or something but more than once a second. Thats pretty much traffic without any reason, because if another computer added to the network the lan-peer-find would start from the other end.
  3. I've been searching for something in my network with wireshark as I'd realized that BTSync sends 8-10 multicast-packets for LAN-peer-find per second while connected via WiFi to my network. Is that a bug or a nice feature to force the users to get gigabit-switches?