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  1. I am the network administrator for an agricultural lab in Nebraska. I use BTsync to sync a file server to my home since I am responsible for taking home backup tapes weekly in case of a disaster, so instead I do this. I have a small ubuntu server at my house (about 10x8x4 inches) with a 1TB external HDD connected via USB. The file server at the lab backs up to a Freenas server in the lab each night, BTsync is running on the freenas server and the ubuntu server at my house. The initial sync was about 120GB and took 30 hours to complete but now they only sync for about 2 hours each night after t
  2. this app is great but I think it needs a few minor things 1. scheduling runtime would be helpful for almost everyone. 2. see a better progress bar of some kind. 3. be able to pause/start syncing when its running. I have a read only share that syncs to my home as an off site backup for my business and when I delete files from the read only share the files are not deleted on the destination.
  3. I also have noticed this problem, but with no error messages that I know of. I watch the sync log closely and nothing jumps out. I am the system administrator for a small business and (at my location) our data is just windows share so I have it backed up to Freenas nightly, and use bittorrent sync to transfer all the data to my house on a ubuntu server. Everything works great until I get to somehwere between 2 and 6 gbs of data(119GB total size). I get good transfer rates to my home server at almost 2MB/s. Does anyone have any more troubleshooting for this? any tips would be helpful. are ther