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  1. Compatibility with older OS X systems (10.4 / 10.5 / PPC) Open source implementation
  2. Would like to include some older systems in the network if possible.
  3. GreatMarko, Disputation about terms barring research and free inquiry is preposterous. There are important matters at stake. With the recent mass-spying revelations, it's clear that the age of closed-source must swiftly come to an end. We need to know what our software is doing and must have the power to create alternative implementations if we do not agree with what we see. mreithub, Please carry on. If you post a Bitcoin address I will be happy to donate to your efforts, and I am almost certainly not the only one. You are doing the right thing, and I implore you to avoid persuasion by zealots such as GreatMarko. Given the sheer lack of sense on display, one can assume that his bread and butter derives directly from the coffers of BitTorrent, Inc., a company capitalizing in extraordinarily uncertain terms upon that which it knows should be open in the first place.