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  1. Ah yes that might be it, since I personally formatted in exfat, so it's not the fat32 limit. How we could check that for sure?
  2. I've got exfat formatted 64gb sdcard and trying to sync to it a 30+ GB file. It just hangs there at downloading without actually downloading anything. And I've waited days! - All versions of sync (android, PC) are latest - android is latest 4.4 official samsung update and is saving to the com.bittorrent.sync folder thats' the only writeble on the sdcard. - i'm managing to sync mp3s using the same setup just fine - since it's exfat 30GB shouldn't be a problem. - there is plenty of free space on the card So what might be stopping it from even starting the download process? It looks like th
  3. Actually yes! I can just base64 it. Is there any advantage to hashing it before that that i'm missing?
  4. Well, which hash function will have 40+ chars output? Other than that I don't think it matters much? Basically, I just hash a sentence, then base64 it and can use it as custom secret, right?
  5. isn't that idea too cool to be ignored?
  6. I want to have a secret that can be derrived by a sentence that i'll just remember. I would then be able to sit at any computer, derive the secret (by using online hash generator) and download my files. So few questions 1. can the secret by any string of chars, or there is some "format" requirments? 2. what hashing algorithm is best to use to hash the sentence (or something different than hashing algo?) 3. any potential draw backs of this method (except the obvious that if usnig online hash generator, the site will know the secret)
  7. ok which folder we have to use for BitTorrent (not sync) so it can save to the sd card?
  8. Yes, that's the dir that worked for BIttorrent SYnc, but here i was asking about Bittorrent app (I believe i startes this thread in the bittorrent sub-forum)
  9. Don't want to root it just for that. Bittorrent should have a dir on the SD card where it can write. The question is what should be the name of that dir, since it doesn't create one for itself and com.bittorrent doesn't work
  10. yeah just reinstalled it it doesn't created it's own folder in Android/data on the sdcard so where to save the torrents so it actually allows it to write?
  11. I fixed the similar problem with btsync by pointing to it's dir on Sdcard/Android/btcyncblabla but there is no such dir for bittorrent so how do we save to the sdcard directly? p.s. this 4.4 update is really annoying
  12. ah that's so bad update of bt sync or android? Do we know when to expect it?
  13. I upgraded to Android 4.4.2 and tried to setup a new folder to be synced and got the error in the title. I'm trying to save it on the memory card. Infact the folder selector of btsync can't even create new folders, so it doesn't have permissions for the whole card. It works for the internal memory though. Quite odd?