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  1. detect identical files by hash at new sync to avoid duplicates, and optionally leave only newest version if they are different, and the other one send to archive. option to set timestamp differences to decide if it old file or edited "almost" at same time and allow keep both just with renaming (counting)
  2. app selfupdate like chrome. ability to cancel download single file after mistakenly pressed and started download, while auto sync is off. move function - backup photos (or something else) from mobile (not only), and delete source after successful transferred and verified. file management inside synapp. force refresh - noticed that android app was "seeing" files that was removed from mac, they couldn't be downloaded, but also didn't disappeared from list. export whole/selected folders secrets to file on all kind of device. not only backup settings format, but open text. if synced folder was removed by file explorer, syncapp will make folder as configured on syncapp folder(task) GUI .syncignore manager files download resume, just like a regular BT, right now it doesn't, but redownloading interrupted downloads mac=>android sync between mobile - if i have 2 android phones, that synced with same mac, they doesn't sync while mac is off, but they should to.
  3. +1 agre, forum isn't good platform for issue tracker/feature requests