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  1. oh - RE: a file system error. Could that really remove/affect an entire folder in isolation? Wouldn't that just affect a bunch of random files across the hard drive?
  2. Well yeah, thankfully I had all the files backed up on However, they were in mp3 format, not the lossless flac format. But I can live with that I backed them all up there only a few months ago, on a whim. Thank goodness! I can't tell you what hassle it has been trying to download them from mega though! Thanks for the nice messages
  3. Yeah, I disabled syncarchive on both hard drives (which I admit was stupid) mostly because both hard drives were nearing their 1TB capacity, and I didn't have space to keep deleted files. The software seemed reasonably stable. Even kos13 believes that the software could never do this, and that the root cause is probably something different. But yes, in reply to Varnagas, I certainly do have the guts to blame myself. However, IF (even if it's a big if) the software DID cause this problem, I thought it might be helpful for you to find out why. I'm not running around blaming btsync for anything.
  4. Hi there, BT sync is a nice piece of software, but it's inexplicably deleted the contents of an entire folder. I have no idea why. I guess I should take you through what I did, because I have no clue how to reproduce what happened. I certainly didn't delete the folder, on either drive. 1. use puresync to sync the hard drives initially on the same PC. It keeps timestamps on all files, but not on folders. weird. 2. install BT sync. connect backup hard drive to an offsite PC. 3. share the secret, pair the folders, allowing both to read/write/delete whatever. 4. opt not to use the syncarchive fold