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  1. Make a *whitelist* (i.e. the reverse of the current blacklist 'SyncIgnore') which lists only the files / subfolders within the sync folder which should be synced. Other items will not be synced. To avoid conflicts, let e.g. SyncIgnore overrule which means when there is a SyncIgnore and a whitelist, the whitelist will be ignored. Moreover, include the web interface on *all* platforms (including Android and iOS) and not on Ubuntu only. Then BTSync even running on a smartphone / tablet can be controlled from a computer or the other way around just by using a webbrowser.
  2. But rhe Android client has no such option to se5 the port, unlike the Mac version.
  3. Thanks, I'll try this but I don't know what port number I have to fill in.
  4. When this is true, it has the same disadvantages as commercial cloud services: need an internet connection for syncing local devices.
  5. I have a Mac and an Android device, both with Torrentsync. What I noticed first is that the user interface on Android is completely different, I don't know why: Android is just an OS with an accessible file system just like OSX, Linux or Windows. Moreover on the Mac I cannot set the BTSync app in the dock, every time I have to click in the top menu bar. I made a btsync folder on my Mac and send the read-only key to my Android device and used it to make a btsync on my Android. Both devices are in the same IP range on the same LAN. So far so good. This did not work at all but later after restarting BTsync it worked. On the Mac side on 'Advanced' I set lan_use_tcp to 'true' and left the rest as default. On the Android side there was no possibility to set these parameters (different user interface?). For the folder being synced I set Preferences => Properties : Use relay server: uncheck Use tracker server: uncheck Search LAN: check Search DHT network: uncheck I have no idea what to fill in in 'Predefined hosts' as there is no documentation about. According to logs, including firewall logs I see that BTSync still uses tracker servers with IP address and according to whois info this which is a commercial cloud provider. So is my data being checked by them ? My questions: - Why is this internet access (and particularly needed for local transfer ? - Why is a third party ( needed when I use peer to peer over internet ? I thought it without a third party access. And is there a web interface ?