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  1. Another quick addition that I think would make things more convenient. I would like to be able to add a sync secret to a folder using the context menu-- i.e. when I right click on a folder, it would display an option like "Sync Folder with BitTorrent Sync" and then allow you to either generate a new key or enter one that already exists. This would ideally be a configurable item during installation as well so those who don't want the feature need not clutter up their right click menu. Having the option to query for whether a secret already exists for a folder using the context menu (or one higher up from the folder you're looking at) would also be beneficial.
  2. Only made it through about 14 pages of wishlist before I decided to just go ahead and post, so this has probably been suggested. (There were a couple that were close in those pages even.) I've been doing some testing on the versioning, since that was the biggest hold up for me from using it on a broader scale and it seems to be catching most of what I throw at it. (Near instantaneous saves on different computers were the only thing that seemed to get by BT Sync, since I believe it operates by polling the files.) The main thing I would like to see related to this though is something in the history to note the creation of a new version file and a persistant pop-up (rather than one which fades away) that a new version was created of a file (the latter could have a few settings potentially-- no pop up, regular pop up, or persistant pop up). That will allow me to go in and resolve the conflict rather than having to check the sync folder every once in awhile. For the instantaneous save thing, if a time stamped change is within the margin of error (3 seconds or whatever the polling rate is), it would be nice if that generated a version on whichever computer is receiving the file too.