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  1. Another quick addition that I think would make things more convenient. I would like to be able to add a sync secret to a folder using the context menu-- i.e. when I right click on a folder, it would display an option like "Sync Folder with BitTorrent Sync" and then allow you to either generate a new key or enter one that already exists. This would ideally be a configurable item during installation as well so those who don't want the feature need not clutter up their right click menu. Having the option to query for whether a secret already exists for a folder using the context menu (or one
  2. Only made it through about 14 pages of wishlist before I decided to just go ahead and post, so this has probably been suggested. (There were a couple that were close in those pages even.) I've been doing some testing on the versioning, since that was the biggest hold up for me from using it on a broader scale and it seems to be catching most of what I throw at it. (Near instantaneous saves on different computers were the only thing that seemed to get by BT Sync, since I believe it operates by polling the files.) The main thing I would like to see related to this though is something in the h