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  1. Version 1.3.109 on Windows 8.1. I have about 80 folders. When I run bit torrent sync, it is connected to one peer, version 1.3.109 on a laptop WIndows 8.1. However, only about 20 folders are synced with this laptop. The other folders are synced to a system that is not running. After requesting exit through tray context menu, the process continues to run and takes up about 30% of cpu. It has to be killed manually. (Athlon II X3 455, 8MB memory, Windows 8.1 Pro). Also, automatic update will not work, because the program will not shut down properly. On the laptop which only has a
  2. 1.2.82 on Beagle Bone Black with Debian 7.3 from arch=armv7l uname -a = linux arm 3.8.13-bone36 #1 SMP Mon Jan 13 22:00:59 UTC 2014 armv7l GNU/Linux. On execution you get "command not found", indicating probable problems finding all the libraries. One suggested fix by cutter at http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/8746-i-can-not-execute-syncapp-arm-on-my-nas-based-on-sl3516-cpu/#entry28830: I got my raspberry pi working with some symlinking. That 'No such file or directory' is just terrible. Sync is looking for all your libs in /lib, on my disto (raspbmc) they are all in /lib/arm-