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  1. for games known hashes read-only , or read/write. allow it to poll file list from friends share updates when possible. IE if the games maker in time sets up a BT-Sync updater service one could add a trusted publisher hash. as well allow BT sysnc to see the games updater. IE Everquest /or eq2 , Launchpad.exe or the games elements running. for WSUS OFLINE IE detect that its running. as the folders files will undergo changes. as well if the games updater is slow ie FFXI or FFXIV , if newer files exist offer to assist in patching when possible else have BTsync wait till the folders change or detect them as they occur. Push to freenas server ETC. WSUS Offline , re-deploy windows 7 , and do 90++% of patches in 2-3 reboots, and 12 hours less than re-downloading them all. Keeping the large block of patchsets synced from server or laptop for IT repairs for fixing client laptops a plus.
  2. Public Read-only or Read Write hashes. Minus some trivial Personal files IE Longin data logs etc. PHI. R/W hashes from known friends IE Guildies etc. WOW etc, MMO for Patch Tue , With some files IE in files that store character data login passwords etc. Just the core files of a game that change . IE Everquest many are not too big however with WOW etc. They can be.
  3. Public share hash Share folder to Friends etc however EXCLDE Files or Folders or other PHI WOW EQ EQ2 IE MMO's that patch often , just sanitize them to just files that update No INI or XML etc. put files or folders on an Exclusion list IE the guild can sync up on patch Tuesday , by the time you get home some of the games stupidly huge patch has already synced.(or mostly) Your account login in INI or other Game info character names is sanitized (not shared) but patched exes dll's and game files required files are shared with buddies. have . I have not to many qualms with a read / write public hash as well , just so long as Peoples PHI files are Stripped out for thier own good.