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  1. here ffpboot.log, in the other things the last thing : "ping: bad address ''" the nas have internet conection and not firewalk actived in the router. can help me? thanks. Rotating logfiles... Script version 20131124 running from /mnt/parnerkey ffpstick started at Tue Nov 26 13:00:46 UTC 2013 Try to determine NAS type... according to /zyxel/mnt/info/modelid: A203->NSA310_ZyXEL type NSA310_ZyXEL, fw V4.62(AFK.0) Find the current usb device...usb device is /dev/sdb1 on device /dev/sdb Check for filesystem...Filesystem is vfat Check /dev/sdb for number of parti
  2. Hello I'm trying to put it (bitorrent sync) in a nsa310, but I can not open that ffpstick me telnet access, anyone could explain the steps in great detail. For more I read I do not get it wrong. Greetings and sorry for automatic translation to English Hola estoy intentando poner bitorrent sync en un nsa310, pero no logro que ffpstick me abra el acceso telnet, Alguien podría explicarme los pasos de forma muy detallada. Por mas que leo no entiendo que hago mal. Saludos y perdón por la traducción automática al ingles