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  1. I agree. mrpbdy's advice does not work for me either. In addition to his advice, as previously stated, I've wiped out the entire folder from sync and the file system. Set up sync again in a different location on the file system, only to have the issue recur shortly after. Actually, resyncing occurred after deleting the syncold file as mrbdy suggested. But the problem isn't that there's not a way to manually fix the issue, but that the issue occurs at all and requires manual intervention. I've updated to 1.2.82 and ensured everything is syncing properly. I'll keep you all updated if the issue occurs again.
  2. I am also experiencing this issue. I also did not experience this issue before 1.2.73. It is only happening on one of my systems. I tried removing the folder from BTSync, deleting the folder from file system, and then resetting up sync for that folder in a different location. Issue started again almost immediately. The system I am experiencing this on is a Windows Server 2012 virtual machine on windows azure. Maybe I never restarted after upgrading to 1.2.73. Going to do that now. Please help!