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  1. Hi everybody. Thanks for btsync software, I am quite happy to use it, and I am happy it is free for personal use. Anyway, I have probably fond a bug. On Windows 7 I have created virtual hard drive in a file (VHD), formatted to into ntfs and mounted it under some folder - for example: school-docs. Then I wanted to add this folder "school-docs" (containing mounted volume) to BTSync. Strange thing happened: - new folder school-doc was created (not "school-docs" - the last letter was truncated) - school-doc is almost empty - it contains only subdirectory .sync, with Archive, IgnoreList, e.t.c.... - in original folder school-docs, there is not .sync subfolder - in BTSync GUI I can see folder's name school-doc, but when I double click it, the right folder school-docs is opened. In the same place I have another directory, but without volume mounted to it - and it works without problem. Is this a bug ? Could it be solved ? BTSync version: 1.4.103 Beta
  2. HI. first thing is that I really appreceate this application. Then I would like to suggest you some features: sync music files into iphone/ipad default music playerright now it is possible to send only one file to another app. I would prefer if I could select many files and send them all to a specific music playermaybe I would like to have a default application for music/video/... So I would like to setup btsync so that when I do for example double tap, it will automatically opens a player that I have configured before. Maybe could be a good idea if you make a music player based on btsync api, but - on the other side it woud be maybe better if creators of currently existing music players would start using btsync api.