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  1. Can you please explain further how you did this? This process is exactly what I'm looking for! Thank you!
  2. Hello, First, thank you so much for providing such a wonderful solution! Two requests: 1: Create folders in the bittorrent sync app 2: Generate secret keys from bittorrent sync app 3: Dropbox has a web interface with public shared links that allow access to files without the need to download a client, can we implement something similar? Justification: I want to create a folder on my idevice and put files in it and generate a secret key to share with my computer or other idevice. I saw this opportunity when I realized my computer can't add a QRcode. I would also like to share links to specific folders/files without the other user having to download a client and can get them from any browser. If these features were implemented it would be hard for dropbox to keep me. If I'm supposed to be using this app different and this is already implemented please let me know. Thanks!