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  1. Only distribute the R/O key? So in theory it has R/W access, it'll just never write because there's no other machine that will try.
  2. Why publish potentially personal information (or even contact details for someone who's either fairly senior, or in a completely unrelated department) without reason? If it becomes a law enforcement issue, then that data is released. If it's simple curiosity... Why? What information that you require is missing and why is it required?
  3. I'd had this happen as well. Insisted on asking for a new user/password (using a config file that had this defined) and then showing nothing. Empty folder list. Attempts to add a new one simply showed a blank. Attempts to add a URL received a message saying invalid URL. debug logs showed nothing. Occurred with a previous install of CentOS 6.5, a fresh Centos 7 install and a fresh Ubuntu 14.04 install. All x64. Was resolved by wiping, wiping the sync directory, installing 1.3.109, running, quitting then updating to 1.4.75 The sync.log file with debugging turned on is as below. tail -f sync.log version: 1.4.75platform: Linux 2.6.32-042stab090.5 #1 SMP Sat Jun 21 00:15:09 MSK 2014 x86_64[20140910 14:40:12.040] total physical memory 536870912 max disk cache 2097152[20140910 14:41:27.067] total physical memory 536870912 max disk cache 2097152[20140910 14:41:27.070] test sha1: AE5BD8EFEA5322C4D9986D06680A781392F9A642[20140910 14:41:27.070] test sha2: 630DCD2966C4336691125448BBB25B4FF412A49C732DB2C8ABC1B8581BD710DD[20140910 14:41:27.070] test aes: 0A940BB5416EF045F1C39458C653EA5A07FEEF74E1D5036E900EEE118E949293[20140910 14:41:27.070] My PeerID: 10536BB73F07CF503C99E80FB80CF7C1FF0F9ECA[20140910 14:41:27.166] setup socket 10 for local peer discovery for success[20140910 14:41:27.576] setup socket 11 for local peer discovery for success
  4. On the bright side, this is a one-off re-index* *Unless it seems like a good idea in the future as well.
  5. He means add the previously shared folder on your drive to the new computer. IE: You added it to your first computer, now you're going to re-add it to your new one.
  6. Hi All. I saw this on Long story short: 2GB RAM, 500GB HDD for $7 USD per month. 1TB/1.5TB/2TB is proportionally more expensive. I've been using backupsy for a while, but the 512MB RAM is a bit of a bottleneck. Edit: Added more info to this post after it was moved. Apologies to the mod for the untidiness. :-)
  7. You're sure that no programs are attempting to access any of those files? If lsof (or whatever, if any, the OS/X equivalent is) and looking for that filename should show you. If they're in use, they won't be synced. I see similar behaviour when I attempt to sync two Calibre servers. On re-reading it, I can see you've mentioned that you've closed iTunes, so you can probably disregard that. However, it's also worth checking the logs on the receiving device. I've (rarely) had an issue that required deleting the problem file on the recipient device (including the !sync file for partial syncs) When I think about it, it's been a long time since I saw that happen, however I don't have any OS/X devices.
  8. dump actual config would be the contents of your current config file, so it would be pointless. All that needs to be said here if you want to keep your settings is that you might like to experiment with diff or meld (probably more meld to make sure you don't miss anything when transferring from your old settings. As for your currently configuration in particular, make sure that the new config still points to your old .sync directory (located under "storage_path" on your current config file) That contains all of your file, folder and share information.
  9. It would be useful if the download link for that specific version was maintained. Amongst other things, I use it as a sanity checker for an update script.
  10. /etc/rc.local There's probably an overall better way, but this will do exactly what you want.
  11. Look up encrypted secrets.
  12. This doesn't work?
  13. I ended up just using DropBox. Mainly because it nicely renames the pictures and videos into YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.EXT format. Then have a Python script sort these into a photos folder (Camera/YYYY-MM-DD/) and use BTSync to keep this folder synced with my backup servers. Because the photos are only in the DB folder for about a minute (assuming my PC is turned on) the free version is easily sufficient.