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  1. I think that's the case with those files, but I don't understand why certain music files aren't syncing. Perhaps it's their name or something being too long (classical pieces tend to have long names)?
  2. I just noticed that Console does give an error message for BitTorrent Sync: "BitTorrent Sync: Failed to notify due to missing registration, queue and reregister" This however seems to be an issue with Growl and not connected to the syncing issue... *New update* Using Kaleidoscope I identified even more incongruencies between the two machines. One has issues with keeping old versions of apps; the other refuses to delete files that have been deleted on the other machine. In other words, BTSync is simply NOT SYNCING dozens of directories in the iTunes folder. Also, the Applications folder w
  3. Console shows nothing outstanding and there are no !sync files at all. :/ I made sure no rogue process is accessing the files with lsof as well...
  4. Hi, I've been using BTSync to sync my desktop and laptop without having to mount volumes and that jazz. It's working fine except that the program refuses to sync certain files! I have opened .SyncIgnore on both my desktop and laptop (both Macs) to confirm, but they still are in the queue for syncing. I have attached a screenshot of the window showing which files are not syncing. Just note that both the Applications folder, which has a difference of more than a dozen gigabytes, and the Music folder, which just needs to sync the iTunes library file and few other tiny files, have remained in