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  1. No, and from the logs it looks like it isn't trying to load a valid IP address of a peer. How do I go about doing that? I couldn't find a configuration file for windows, but I did find the logs and all of those files. I don't see it in any of the settings, although I should mention that if I right click the path name in the Folders tab and then select "Show folder preferences" it crashes. I tried this on another Windows 8.1 desktop and it also crashed doing the same thing.
  2. I'm using Windows 8.1 with all of the firewalls disabled. We know it's not the Windows firewall because it works on the LAN and I have set the hardware firewall to allow the UDP listening port, as well as setup port forwarding to it. Yes, I have tried it with a different internet connection, via my Android phone using AT&T's LTE network, and it couldn't see any files outside of the local network either.
  3. I've been able to setup BitTorrent Sync locally, but I'm having trouble getting my router to work with it. In my logs I see "Requesting peers from tracker via UDP" but it says it "Got 3 tracker ips" along with 2 relay IPs. [2013-12-27 20:28:36.527] Got 2 relay ips[2013-12-27 20:28:36.527] ip[2013-12-27 20:28:36.527] ip[2013-12-27 20:28:36.527] Got 3 tracker ips[2013-12-27 20:28:36.527] ip[2013-12-27 20:28:36.527] ip[2013-12-27 20:28:36.527] ip Any idea why it is not using one of the three tracker IPs for the requesting peers? I'm not sure if this is my problem, but I can post the full log file if needed. I am using Sophos UTM as a firewall / router. I've allowed any UDP 3000 traffic, and port forwarded the listening port to the system running BitTorrent Sync. Thanks for any help.