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  1. Don't know if this has been requested before, but here is my own version of the request anyway. Instead of using .SyncIgnore for specifying files to ignore, why not make it a general file where you can specify which files to ignore and/or include. The format of the file should use "ignore:file_or_folder_pattern" and/or "include:file_or_folder_pattern". This way you can control the files to be synced easliy, especially when you want to deny the majority of the files/folders, and only allow a few folders to be synced. For example, assuming we have these rules in the file: ignore:* include:Pictures include:Documents Then the synced folder initially ignores all files, but the "Pictures" and "Documents" folders are an exception, and should be synced. Similarliy, if we have these rules: include:* ignore:Downloads will sync all the files, except the folder "Downloads". Ideally, the default behaviour should be include all, so no need to specify "include:*" here, but I left it explicity for clairity. I understand that what I am asking for can be done already using .SyncIgnore, but the current format requires you to update the .SyncIgnore constantly if you want to sync specific folders out of many folders, and new folders are constantly added (which requires you to add them manually to ignore them). As for the name for such suggested format, maybe call it ".SyncRules", ".SyncList", or ".SyncTree"?