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  1. Yes! I finally get it working. I did not manage to do it with the usual tunnelling options of ssh (-L/-R) but it did work with the VPN setting (-w). I'll try to explain all the steps I had to do. I got help on setting up the ssh VPN at http://sleepyhead.de/howto/?href=vpn 1/ my settings. home: my debian machine at home. I have root access on it. work: my debian machine at work. I also have root access on it. gateway: the gateway/firewall through which all connections at work must go. I do not have root access on it. 2/ root to root connection Apparently, setting up the VPN tunnelling must be d
  2. Some more test with a friend confirmed that the problem is indeed with my work computer. We had no problem syncinc between my home computer and his (similar configuration). So, I am able to establish a connexion out of my ISP. I'll try to set up a tunnel and let you know if it works.
  3. So, I'm toying around with btsync as it seems to be a good solution for syncing multiple computers. But I have troubles syncing on my work desktop who is behind a gateway+firewall. Here is my setting : * home desktop: debian jessie (testing), behind my ISP box (via ethernet) serving as DHCP/router, probably using NAT. Probably no fix IP address. Usually off when I'm not at home. * home laptop: debian jessie, wifi to the box, on my home LAN. * work desktop: debian wheezy (stable), behind a gateway/firewall/router. Probably using NAT. The router certainly has a fix IP. Always on. I have root