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  1. Thank you very much for your response. Today, I move some file in a synced PC, but it do not delete old file in the other PC. Is this the same problem when sync a drive? When does your new version release?
  2. Yes, some folder I moved from another sync drive, I think this make problem. I fixed by hand by adding each folder individualy, the drive sync indexing too, after that I remove separate link, leave only the "drive" sync
  3. 1 drive is ok, update to new files but still have 1 can not
  4. But the files are not indexing anymore when I add sync folder again with new secret code
  5. Dear forum I've a small problem in my working progress : I indexed 1 folder with BTsync, after that i;ve reinstall my PC, When I add the last folder (new), the files are not index - I didn't save the last secrect code How can I reset my folders indexing?