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  1. Thanks, Let me know if you need anything done differently. Klausemann
  2. Hi, Based on your suggestions above I have now startet up btsync as root instead of as the user "btsync". This does not change anything. But, I have found out some more details: 1. Create/move/rename/delete on the DS411j immediately propergates to the DS1513. 2. From the DS1513 to the DS411j however, only created files propergate, whilst deleted, renamed or moved files does not. This makes a mess on the DS411J as it does not clean up removed, moved or changed files. The log files I hade to zip and put in my drop Box (The DS1513 did not have an sync.old file): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/89629969/Debug%20files.zip Thanks for Your help, Regards, Klausemann
  3. Hi, I have answered pasted Your questions below together With the answers to be sure that it is all structures. - You have 2 NASes in 2 locations. Correct - There is a folder that you want to sync between 2 NASes. Correct, and it is not just any folder. It is the Whole volume of the file system called "Volume1". If successful in doing this I will practically have mirrored the Whole nas, including shared folders and so on. This will again allow the users to login in to the system the different Offices, working locally, without actually being aware that they are working on a different NAS, since the will be identical as they are mirrored by BTsync. - Also, every location has computers that wants to sync sub-folders of the folder synced between NASes. Preferably, but not a must - computers sync sub-folders successfully, while NASes does not want to sync changes, only new files. 100% correct
  4. Hi, I have two NAS in two different Offices. In order to be able to work at full speed be accesing data locally we wanted one NAS at each site to Mirror the other, so we would avoid working throug VPN or similar solutions. BTsync seemed to be the best solution out there. I have one Synology DS 411j and one DS 1513+ that for arcitehual reasons are running two different packages of BTsync. I have installed it on both, both working fine. I can sync a folder to the desktop app on my computer and it will transfer any changes on the "Source" folder such as created files/folders, renamed files/folders, deleted files/folders. The two synced folders will be a Perfect Mirror of eachother, just like I want. Now here comes my problems. I want to share volume1 on the two drives, and have those Mirror eachother. I share the folder on both NAS and the Destination NAS will build up a Perfect Mirror of the Source. The problem is that New files/folders on one NAS will be transfered, but nothing else. So if I delete, move, change names on files and folders the "old" Version will remain on the destination NAS in addition to the New one. Anyone have any idea why this is, when it Mirrors the desktop app perfectly?
  5. Hi Stallemanden, Now this also Works like a charm. Thank you for a very Nice program running on all platforms. I look forward to the Windows phone app is out.
  6. Hi, I have two Synology NAS at two sites, and in order to keep full syncornisation between them I have decided to use Bit Torrent Sync Site 1 (1513+) Using Torbens "Setting up Bit Torrent Sync on Synology NAS" I successfully installed BTSync on my 1513+. As this ships With "GNU C Library Stable Version 2.3.6" I used the file btsync_glibc23_x64.tar.gz So far, so good. Works like a charm, and syncs, towards computers, phones or whatever I throw at it. Site 2 (DS411j) Here is where the problems start. This NAS has "GNU C Libray Stable Version 2.5" so here I use btsync_x64.tar.gz as listed in the same guide by Torben. After downloading it to the bin folder I try to output a sample config to the ../conf folder with the command ./btsync --config ../conf/sync.conf when doing so I get the following error message: ./btsync: line 1:ELF: not found ./btsync: line 1: ▒▒: not found ./btsync: line 1: ▒: not found ./btsync: line 1: ▒▒▒▒▒: not found ./btsync: line 1: ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒TT@T@31268▒: not found ./btsync: line 1: 56J0u▒▒!: not found ./btsync: line 1: ▒P▒tdo4ototllQ▒t/lib64/ld-linux-x86-64.so.2GNU▒▒{▒▒▒Ǘh▒▒▒▒▒▒C%5!▒: not found ./btsync: line 16: syntax error: unexpected "(" As I am not an Linux expert my fist fear was the NAS is not compatible with BTsync, but then again I do read in the forums that it should be. Is there anyone that could assist me in this matter?