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  1. I tried disabling the firewall, didn't work. See attached pic. There is an exception added for Bittorrent Sync Also, there are some firewalls in my router also. They look fine, but tell me if I should disable any!
  2. I've got a lead! I'm tried generating a sync folder and shared it with my friend, sync is working fine for this folder. However its not working for the folder for which secret was generated in my friends laptop.
  3. Does that really matter. We're using Bittorrent Sync over a router, there is no Internet involved! I tried pinging t.usyncapp.com Request timed out!
  4. Version : Latest, downloaded last night (6th March 2014) OS: Windows 7 on all the systems Firewall: The setup has an option to add exception. That was checked. And i manually checked firewall settings too, I could see exception for Bittorrent Sync. Yes secrets are identical, i copied it in a pen drive. The same secret worked for other laptops. I don't understand, it was working a few days ago. Now its not!
  5. Hello! BitSync is amazing. Ive been waiting for something like this (for free) since ages. But I'm facing some issues now. When I first downloaded sync I made a folder and shared the key among all my roommates, everything worked fine. But when I tried making the shared folder on my roommated comp and copied the secret key on my PC, it just wont work! I don't think PC or OS is the issue coz it was working fine for me! I've tried re installing the software, that same key is working on all the other PCs as well, all other PCs except mine! Any idea what's happening? Thanks a ton!