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  1. generated the key, look for the folder, give it to accept and gives the error I've also tried to add it as a network folder and same error with version 1.2 ... it was working perfectly, has been to upgrade to the new version
  2. version 1.3.105 Box works the same team. When you upgrade to this version, only the folders that are synchronized on the server itself, you are not working on network Also with previously synchronized folders, get this error: Can not open the destination folder This is a folder on another computer, I explore the key and give the network to accept result: you can not open the destination folder I've tried \ \ ip \ edition, also \ \ nas \ editing and always the same error I have all the correct permissions I'm sorry I used the google translator. no puedo añadir carpeta de sincronizac
  3. Como sincroniza Bittorrent?, supongamos que tenemos 1 archivo de 1gb y lo modifico todos los días.... Tendría que subir a diario ese archivo completo o solo sincroniza la parte del archivo modificado? Google Traductor: As Bittorrent Synchronized? Suppose we have 1 file 1 GB, and modified it every day.... Would have to rise daily full file that synchronizes or just part of the modified file?