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  1. That's great. Sad it took so long. Also, it seems they have changed URLs of that license, now it's separate from μTorrent's one. @SQRT, btw, where did you get that URL?
  2. a-ha, if you're really, really unhurried. Because months can pass. Also, we don't yet know how much it will cost!
  3. RomanZ, Thanks! @Jonnan001, it seems you're out of luck. You're definitely wanted to use BitTorrent Sync for with commercial purpose. Get something else. Though, if all your teammates are on LAN, there are no any problems at all. And if not, I suggest you go github with gitextensions, which is much more appropriate for shared AutoHotkey scripts development. Scripts are tiny anyway.
  4. BUMP. I still hope for the answer, though in Russia we've got saying "Обещанного три года ждут" (roughly translates to "If something promised, wait three years", though there's better explanation)
  5. This is two months since my initial query. Seems that BitTorrent either can't say anything good, or didn't yet determined this for themselves That's quite sorry, And there are good news also: meanwhile, there is an alternative – syncthing. And it has BSD-like license.
  6. From what I've read, they're using BitTorrent Sync API. It's licensed for commercial use, though From http://www.bittorrent.com/legal/terms-syncapi: So either Angie’s List wishing a lawsuit, or they've got killswitch for license-change-case and rushing another sync method to migrate on "in future" (or will just draw back to old method when terms will change).
  7. So, have anyone got any certain answer? Meanwhile I've filled the form, but got nothing in return. And still did not get any response from legal@bittorrent.com. In Russia, anti-software-piracy laws are crucial, they can jail for years (up to 25) without any legal owners' statement. It's up to user to prove it has a license (it's usually resolved by bribes, but prices are high).
  8. Does that mean that, before connecting to a public Wi-Fi, I shall shutdown BTSync? Otherwise, it's "personal", as in <http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/personal>, terms 2 and 5, and even 4 for most of cases listed in 1st post (up to 8th). See, there are interpretations allowing "Personal" use in business environments: http://www.dafont.com/forum/read/17192-1/what-is-considered-personal-use-and-what-is-commercial This is what my question was about. Personal and Business aren't mutually exclusive. Add non-profit to that. What I am going to sync is not any business-critical, and, mo
  9. I was going to use BTSync to sync files between my corporate notebook and desktop. But I've read http://www.bittorrent.com/legal/eula, and it says it's only for personal non-commercial use. But different companies threat this term differently. TeamViewer, for example, does not allow using its product for free in any commercial network, even in a cafe, school or via other public wi-fi (even from private notebook!). And they say same words in EULA: only personal non-commercial blah blah. What about BitTorrent Sync? Which of the following won't breach EULA? 1. Sync my (owned by me) notebook