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  1. Softpedia seems to have 1.3.77 both 64 and 32 bit versions: [link removed] If you're trying to install via PPA I'm not sure.
  2. It's been roughly 10 hours, and my ubuntu server is still showing that btsync user has 2,196 files open in the my shared folder.
  3. Might be related to:
  4. Interesting... I only decided to use ubuntu because I didn't think tuxpoldo had a debian version of the btsync ppa repository, however it looks like it does. I'm going to try it on a debian server and see how that goes.
  5. I've modified the init script to set the ulimit to 20k and its limit is now 20k. It finally did sync all the files but when I check for open files it still has them open. It's not closing them like I would think it should? I imagine I will just run into the same issue once it has around 20k files open still....
  6. Strangely no it does not. Max open files 1024 4096 filesHowever the user in which btsync is running as shows the limits I previously set... ~$ ulimit -Sn20000~$ ulimit -Hn50000
  7. I've adjusted limits.conf and restarted, yes. * soft nofile 20000* hard nofile 50000Users are confirming the above with ulimit -Sn and -Hn.
  8. I ran the below command and it lists 711 open files in my shared folder. lsof -Fn -u btsync | sort | uniq | grep /sharedIt's almost as if if btsync tries to sync too many files and hits the limit, it "locks up." cat /proc/sys/fs/file-maxShows that open file limit is set to 200k overall system. I can't check the ulimit for the btsync user since it does not have shell acess however I applied higher soft and hard nofile limits for all users. ulimit -Snulimit -HnSoft limit is now 20k while hard limit is 50k. However the issue still persists. Edit: Changing the user it runs as also doesn't
  9. I'm trying to sync files between 2 ubuntu servers and get the error message in the web gui "Don't have permissions to write to the selected folder" sync.log in /var/lib/btsync/ Gives the following Error Message: Check: Too many open files Seems to be hit and miss, I previously synced 1.9GBs worth of files (few hundred files) and it worked fine, however now I'm syncing just 300MBs where it's maybe 1-200ish files. Edit: I'm also seeing "status:144 error:Check: Too many open files meta:1 conns:0 io:0"