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  1. I'm using Sync for several things, but there's one small, simple, fantastically convenient use that I'd like to share with the community. I use a password manager (Password Safe, but this concept would work with any of them) to store all my myriad passwords. I use BTSync to replicate the database on my home desktop, my laptop, my Android phone, my partner's phone, and my work desktop. Not only are all our passwords securely available on all those devices now, but if one of us updates a password or creates a new login to some new online service, it's instantly available to us both wherever we
  2. I have one simple request: on the desktop app (at least), when viewing the list of sync'd folders, provide a way to open the local folder in the operating system — e.g. with File Explorer under Windows. I suggest having the option be on a right-click menu or on the folder's Properties tab, but I'll be happy with whatever your UI designers devise. Thanks for listening, and thanks for coming up with such a cool and useful sync system!