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  1. Thanks @RomanZ. Good to know it's on the wishlist! Now that I knew what was called I looked at the public wishlist in the ideabank so I could add my votes to it as well. Sorry if I keep this up, I am trying to understand. You said this feature in the wishlist. But in the ideabank is missing. (any other wish list I should vote on?) The only time it appeared https://bittorrentideas.uservoice.com/forums/110313-bittorrent-mainline-for-windows/suggestions/2526085-make-it-so-we-can-select-which-files-we-want-from it was defined as "completed". And the administrator said: "We have not removed this functionality. Details on what settings to change are in the forums." So it never received the votes it has. It was asked again here just yesterday: http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/29512-almost-perfection-with-btsync/#entry82855 Wow! But your "I think that some day we'll implement this feature." does not sound very helpful. It's definitely not like "we are working on it... just stay tuned". I also would be willing to chip in for this to happen sooner other than later! Why don't you put a public bitcoin address connected with the various ideas, and once you get enough support to pay for the work, you just implement it? Of course to be ethical this should be done only for things you already have decided to implement, and only need to decide when. But it would be a great way for people to show their support, and for you to have your worked paid
  2. I am very surprised this question did not come up before. But I have looked in the archive and could not find it. With Bittorrentsync it becomes really possible to hold all the files I am not using in a single folder in a server somewhere, and then just download what I need. This would keep my laptop nice and empty and fast. Unfortunately such folder would end up being almost 1 terabyte, or more. I don't want to download the whole folder in my computer. But I know that it is possible to only download a single file with the mobile application. So it must be possible, at least in a theoretical way to do the same with the desktop application. Of course this would mean that through the desktop application I must be able to see the whole list of all the files, and all the directory structure, and the just ask to keep in this desktop synced a particular subfolder or some files. Is this possible? If not can I make a feature request? I think this would really increase the value of the application :-). Cheers, Pietro EDIT: grammar and little corrections