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  1. Upgraded to version 1.4.110 beta I can't share folder as described above. I attach VHD file as folder (C:\myprojects\homeprojects for example). Press "Add folder" in BTSync, select folder C:\myprojects\homeprojects, dialog window look fine and contain default settings. Close window and looking to BTSync main window. BTSync create another folder, named C:\myprojects\homeproject (without last letter) and share this empty folder! Look like bug with file names handling.
  2. Delete all hidden files and directories - SyncID, .SyncArchive, .SyncIgnore - and trying again. No changes, same error. But working after attaching VHD as drive M: (for example). I think problem in directory link behaviour.
  3. I have some VHD disks, linked to directory by system tools. This folders successfully opened in any programs (Explorer, image viewer, etc). But, after upgrading BTSync to 1.3.94 I see message "Error: Can't open the destination folder" and empty directory name at "My sync" tab. I try to remove this record and create new one. "Can't open the destination folder" message shown and directory not added. Also, no error records in log. What happened? How I can add again this directories to BTSync? Windows 7 x64, BTSync 1.3.94.